NEW RECS: Papa Kehte Hai (Inst) + Lamha Lamha + Pyaar Ka Pehla

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  1. sDEVs

    sDEVs Inventor

    Hi Friends,

    Here are my three new recordings,

    1. Papa Kehte Hai (Instrumental) - Drums & other effects are put from my zoom processor

    2. Lamha Lamha (Shaan's Tanha Dil Album)

    3. Pyaar Ka Pehla Khat Likhne Me (Jagjeet Singh)

    Also my old recordings like,

    4. Jadu Teri Nazar (Inst) -

    5. Boondein -

    Hope you like them.

  2. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    papa kehete is good man.........except those horrible single strums you do in between.........also try mixing the tracks better........this seems to be falling apart.........try holding it together............

    but it defintely trumped most of the recs here...........

    lamha lamha.......
    vocals need some practice man..........but background is better than the other one........also try mixing it better........same prob here........try moulding the song together..........bring the leads forward......

    will review the others when i get time.....

    for now, focus your attention towards mixing........playing wise its good....... but when your posting a cover then the cover should be good by all aspects.....

    keep rocking man!!! keep em comin!!!:rockon:

  3. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    First of all Shri, if you are convinced about what you have played and recorded than its good man, so don't worry about what people try to say or whatever.

    Papa kehte hai isn't played very well, the melody has to be improved and the solo aswell, sometimes you seems to be out of rhythm (taal) too, the other sounds used in this song just make the song sounding very messy, the rhythm played on the drums isn't the right one, but if you did it cause you liked it this way then its allright!

    Lamha lamha, just the same and the vocals of both songs has to be improved alot, the Sur is not very well and you are sometimes out of melody too. Why the soundlevel of the vocals is going up and down?

    If i would rate between this three songs, then Pyaar Ka Pehla Khat is the best one (so not the vocals, it really has to be improved), it sounds alot better then the other songs, although i would have used another strumming pattern for this song.

    Overall you are doing a good job, so keep going and some day you will notice, things are going much and much better.
    A tip for you, why are you not using some strings in the background and more important, i don't hear any bass-line???!!
    Please don't think i said these things to dishearten you man, not at all!!!

    Take care man!!!
  4. Crazy_Engineer

    Crazy_Engineer New Member

    okay, here we go with the expert comments :)

    1. Papa Kehte Hai:
    Overall good. However (eh!) , you can do a better job with the leads (and the chords as well). I think at places, you missed out on few notes and at some places, played the wrong notes. So please try to improve on that.

    2. Lamha Lamha:
    Vocals need an improvement. Guitar sounds okay, but there's a scope for improvement.
  5. sDEVs

    sDEVs Inventor

    Thanks SUKRUT: I am trying hard for improving the mixing, I hope I'll get the trick & idea of how to mix the songs well. I fall back in it. Thanks. Keep giving me tips.

    Thanks KEORAF: As always you have been helping me this time too... Ya the drums weren't exactly the same, as I wanted, but after searching so many patterns in my Zoom Processor, I really fell on this. I actually dont know drum rhythms just felt this sounds well. & I wont really feel bad & thanks for it that I am really happy that you all people give reviews & expert opnions.

    Thanks CRAZY-ENGG: Ya vocals are really hard for me, but I sing coz I havent got a good singer (or I havent been yet a good one ;-)

    I'll surely come out with more improved & good recs hence forth..
  6. Shashank007

    Shashank007 Extremist

    Papa Kehte Hai......Gutaring was good....leads improve it......the only thing its not sounding good is bcoz of ur overvolumed single chords u strummed in between...and the drumming is out of tune......recording quality was good

    Lamha Lamha....gud.....improve the vocals...increase the volume of guitar a bit

    Pyar ka Pehla...guitaring was very gud....vocals were gud in this one (compared).....but there r always a room for improvement

    overall.........ur guitaring is good....just focus on vocals......gud luck
  7. sDEVs

    sDEVs Inventor

    Hi Shashank, I am right now recording Ae Mere Hamsafar (Inst.) - I really want to get it better. Thanks
  8. gautam_bapuli

    gautam_bapuli New Member

    hello how r u where r u from
  9. sDEVs

    sDEVs Inventor

    Im from kolhapur (maharashtra), why?

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