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  1. geniusoid

    geniusoid Acoustic Alchemist

    A classical instrumental - some poor recording coz the mic vol was too the bass is hitting real bad....towards the end when i go in for faster notes and playing leads along with strums, there is the intro lead based on Iron Maiden's Wasted Years who gets muffled becoz of the damn bass boost...

  2. geniusoid

    geniusoid Acoustic Alchemist

    Btw, if anyone knows wht raaga it is, let me know plz...
  3. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Hey Geniusoid, very well played man, i really enjoyed listening this, it is like a Sitar was playing all this, you've done an excellent job man, my compliments!!!


    Wikipedia says this about Raaga:
  4. geniusoid

    geniusoid Acoustic Alchemist

    Thanks pal....I think i`m gonna do some more carnatic stuph for some days now :)

    Dude i know wht raagas are....its just tht i cant recall which one this is....The instrumental is in a famous raaga, whoz name slips outta my mind...
  5. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Oh sorry man, my mistake, i did a reading mistake, lol......
  6. geniusoid

    geniusoid Acoustic Alchemist

    where are the raaga moguls man? If u dont wanna comment on the recording, then dont....but atleast tell me the bloody raaga man!

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