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    Her deep blue eyes
    whisper hues of water and sky,
    while wrinkles of smile grace her face,
    and make it soft and loving.
    She wears multi-hued clothing which reflect her beauty
    and gathers compliments from aging women
    who glare at their own dull fashion,
    secretly appalled at their lack of imagination.
    She is statuesque, strong and steady, making
    others shrink when she speaks,
    because they know she is right
    and they believe in her words.
    She has always been behind me,
    enduring hot sun and sand or cold, metal bleachers to urge me on,
    even those times I felt that I wasn’t good enough
    to merit praise.
    She has sat next to me, encouraged my intelligence
    and made my art have meaning
    with her approval.
    She passed down to me her sense of justice,
    and made me stronger.
    Because of her, I never settle for less
    than I deserve.
    We have had wars and tears,
    battles and scars,
    but they have healed.
    And she will always be
    the soul within me,
    my mother.

    Thanks for reading. Please comment, Hell'n
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    AWESOME WORK MAN... reps comming ur way! :)
  3. folkpoet80

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    Good one mate. A little touching and it could be composed easily on Guitar.
    Mmm... D chord?
  4. Hell'n Wheels

    Hell'n Wheels New Member

    Thank ya'll so much for reading & commenting.
    Folk Poet 80- I have NO IDEA what chord! LOL I don't play :-( My middle son does but, I dont think this would make a very good Heavy Metal song. LOL Hell'n
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  5. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    my mom inspires me to be a better man...nice poem....reps added
  6. Hell'n Wheels

    Hell'n Wheels New Member

    My Mother taught me LOGIC - "If you fall off that swing and break
    your neck, you can't go to the store with me."
    My Mother taught me MEDICINE - "If you don't stop crossing your eyes,
    they're going to freeze that way."
    My Mother taught me ESP - "Put your sweater on; don't you think that I
    know when you're cold?"
    My Mother taught me TO MEET A CHALLENGE - "What were you thinking?
    Answer me when I talk to you... Don't talk back to me!"
    My Mother taught me HUMOR - "When that lawn mower cuts off your toes,
    don't come running to me."
    MY Mother taught me PATIENCE - "Sure, you can do that. As soon as
    you're 21 and leave the house!"
    My Mother taught me DIPLOMACY - "I don't want to hear who started it,
    It takes two to fight."
    My Mother taught me SHARING - " Play nicely with that or I'll just
    take it away from both of you."
    My Mother taught me ETIQUETTE - "Use your fork! If I see that hand
    on the table again I'll Slap it!"
    But most of all, My Mother taught me LOVE - " You know that whatever you do or
    whatever happens, I'll stand behind you because I Love you."

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