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  1. #iR@


    hi guys... at the moment i am bored... and yea wat better to do then talk about music or rather videos in ma case! since there have been a lot of albums released and a lot of launch shows wid a lot of new videos takin over the tv channels... wat do u guys think about them?

    doorie by atif aslam was a GREAT song (his AAAAAAAAAA'z always get me! :p) but somehow i felt the video was a BIG MESS UP! i mean hello????? who gets outta the mirror! :p i know i make it sound really stupid but come on dats just ma comment!

    masty by ali zafar didn;t impress me at all! niether the song NOR the video... wat is rong wid our artists... i mean pakistani directors ROCK why r they going to india? (no offence guys but it is true we do have A LOT of mind blowing directors) but the video of SAJANIA by ali zafar was something that got me back as his fan... A WELL DONE VIDEO AND SONG! the video was done by ehsan (and not shared wid amena) i must say it was SUPERB!

    other than these... jawad ahmed came out wid a video but its not something i feel like riting about... :eek::

    OH YEA... MAUSAM BY JOSH! REMARKABLE! the video was done by UMAR ANWAR... simple yet amazing shots... this band always has the BEST to offer... both the new songs (of the album mausam):MAHI VE and MAUSAM proved that! :)

    more videos? more comments? more disscussions? I AM BORED HERE PPL! :eek::
  2. @Doorie da song rocked and it totally went with da video da video was good

    @Sajania man dont ask ali z is really looking handsome and even da model is damn good BEST WORK ALI TILL NOW
  3. dashingmoiz

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    I've some reservations about Sajania because the contenet doesn't do with Pakistani culture. Those things were need-less. The song is so great, awsome, fantastic that it wud've been a hit anyway. In future I expect all Pakistani artists to take care of our culture. Ali Zafar is the neXt BIG thing!

    I don't like Masty and Doorie.

    Jawad Ahmad's new song & video both rocks!
  4. dashingmoiz

    dashingmoiz New Member

    I love Mausum as well.
  5. aeg0

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    mizraabs new song ujaalon mein is i think the best yet by them.
  6. #iR@


    @mercury... u won;t believe it man i came to this thread to rite the XACT same thing about mizraabs video! :) lol

    @ dashinmoiz... well i kinda like disagree wid u cause this is NOT the first video which is offending the culture and all... but then again its ur opinion which i appreciate! :) but i do agree that sajania is one hell of an amazing song! :rock:
  7. dashingmoiz

    dashingmoiz New Member

    ^ Well said.
  8. dashingmoiz

    dashingmoiz New Member

    Najam Sheraz's I love You More Than Anything is also fun to watch!
  9. #iR@


    ^yea... it sure is!

    hmmmmmmmmm... any other videos guys?

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