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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by |SteEL|, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. |SteEL|

    |SteEL| New Member

    After a long time finally i decided to get a guitar. I am an absolute newbie and donno whack except some wikipedia'in
    and going through some threads here.
    I finally decided to get a Granada PRD-4 dreadnought from furtados online.
    I hope i haven't made a bad choice about it...
    The main reason I am getting one online is that there is no shops nearby at all and it is impossible for me to travel
    120+ kms to go and scout for a guitar at the moment.
    The pickle I am in is since I am getting it online I would like to know what all other stuff i should get along with it like strings and picks.
    Kindly do suggest me the different size of strings that i must get along with it.
    If there is anything else that i must consider buying along do suggest.

    Thanks yall

    PS: Forgot to mention this site has helped me a lot in my decision. GREAT STUFF!!!
  2. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    electronic tuner,metronome,extra picks,medium gauge strings,gig bag if not included with the guitar,string winder,strap...btw whats your budget .maybe i can suggest you some better guitar models or brands.

    where do you live?
  3. |SteEL|

    |SteEL| New Member

    Wow...Thnx Suman..
    My budget is 5k..
    I guess i can get a bag and extra picks.. But i saw the strings have dimaeter mentioned ..Which diameters i hav to get?
    I am going to order through furtados. IDK wether my budget covers the tuner and metronome..
    (Just googled wat a metronome is :) )
    Wats a string winder?? Can u mention the brands u recommend to get on the products u said?
    Yes if u can suggest a better model or brand it is always welcome!!!

    I live in kerala..
    Thanks a lot for helping me out here.. !!
  4. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    well you have a tight budget...hmmm...i think you should buy only the guitar in this budget...later you may buy the accessories if you want....just get the guitar with extra strings just tell light or medium gauged strings they will provide you with the strings...brands for strings are d'addario ...granada's are good ...other guitar brands clayton (a few days back saw them in reynolds shop bangalore .great sounding and playing guitars),gb&a...there is one more brand pluto...dont buy that...
    String winder are lever instruments used to rotate the tuning pegs ...try to get a quality pick(maybe jim dunlop tortex pick)...
  5. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Are you sure a Dreadnought will be comfortable for you?





    WTF: IMAGE linking doesn't work!
    In any case, I find dreadnought to be highly uncomfy - and it digs into my ribs/chest
  6. |SteEL|

    |SteEL| New Member

    Dunlop guitar pick tortex wedge 4240, Buy & Review Dunlop products online at
    Do these look fine? they are the ones u mentioned i figure..

    Granada guitar strap g17u blue, Buy & Review Granada products online at
    Will this do the job?

    Foam case
    Fender acoustic guitar foam case, Buy & Review Fender products online at
    Things tends to get dusty around here so i hope this will work?

    Buy & Review Acoustic guitar strings Online, Shop Acoustic guitar strings, Buy Acoustic guitar strings at Best Prices in India – Furtados Online
    I am very very confused here....:( Plz take a look into it..

    Granada acoustic guitar dreadnought prd4 natural, Buy & Review Granada products online at

    I went through the other brands u mentioned but couldnt find clayton in furtados and reynolds doesnt have an online shop yet...
    Gb&a is out of my price range a bit as you know..

    String winder
    Dunlop guitar stringwinder white, Buy & Review Dunlop products online at

    I thnk i got everything except the tuner and metronome..
    Will i be able to tune myself irrespective of the time it will take?
    There's no1 around who knwns a guitar to help me out in person tho..

    So if i get all the things mentioned above it comes to 5160 bucks which looks ok to my wallet..:)
    ohh without the strings.. zz
    Kindly pick the needed ones from the list so i can get it..

    Do i have to get bridge pins????

    Thnx a ton Suman.. I cant show how much i appreciate ur help..
  7. |SteEL|

    |SteEL| New Member

    OMG i din seee ur post alpha........

    I am a BIG guy to put it lightly..:)
    6'3 270P

    will that change anything?
  8. |SteEL|

    |SteEL| New Member

    The 1st pic was a dreadnought??
    The 2nd a cutway or a dread?? IDK :(

    I have touched a guitar thats all... :p
  9. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Even if you are tall, your ribs to lap distance would be only 2-3 inches more than average.
    (Most tall ppl have longer legs than longer torso).

    So instead of digging into the ribs, its gonna dig into your belly.

    Practically speaking only you can experience and tell whether it affects you or not.
  10. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Dunlop 0.5m plectrum is good for acoustic. Flexible for strumming as well as decently rigid for leads.
    (Again this is a matter of preference, I use 0.7 mm for electric and find it too hard for strumming)

    With regards to strings - Phosphor Bronze is good. Get the whole set in one go, don't buy individual strings - unless you know what you are looking out for. Go for "12 gauge" string pack. The thicker the string - the better they sound and the lesser they lose their tuning.
    Daddario acoustic guitar strings 8515 bronze 012054 set ez920, Buy & Review Daddario products online at

    String winder? Not required, but then its just Rs 100. Your call.


    Regarding tuning.
    You actually don't require a tuner if you are not tone deaf. And if you can recognize the "beat" pattern of out of tune strings.
    But tuner does hasten the things up.
  11. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    the next pic is a parlor sized has a smaller size body as compared to a dreadnought ...with a cutaway(the 'u' shaped cut in the body....)

    you may check some gb&a guitars ...they make some parlor sized guitars...

    for more details you may contact furtados

    try to get 2-3 extra 1st and 2nd with a small pick if possible...initially it will be quite challenging...but it will help in building up accuracy....check out Free guitar lessons : Complete Beginners Method and loads of Blues, Jazz and rock : Learn how to play Guitar free here!
    it has some great lessons for beginners and he also teaches how to tune a guitar without a tuner
  12. |SteEL|

    |SteEL| New Member

    Welll Hmmmm...

    wat abt these guitars here
    Gba acoustic guitar cutaway ag150y black, Buy & Review Gba products online at
    Rozario acoustic guitar skg 39, Buy & Review Rosario products online at
    Granada acoustic guitar medium prs1 natural, Buy & Review Granada products online at

    Since i have to stick with my budget I cant go above these..
    I believe one of the things dreadnoughts do is increase the Volume..
    Is there any other benefits? (apart from being huge)

    Thanks abt the lesson's on picks..
    I m thinkin gettin some 0.5 s as well as 1 each of lower sizes so i can settle down to the 1 I like..
    Nywyz they r atleast cheap !

    Thank you for that link..
    Nw i can relax abt the string issue....
    K will get a few extra of those smaller dia strings as well..

    Wat abt bridge pins?
    Do i need to get them?

    Is there anythin else i must get guys??

    Will place the order tmrw before noon..
    It's more like now or never..!
    wanted a guitar for like eons...!
  13. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Bridge pins come with the guitar, and unless you are careless, you won't lose 'em.
  14. vendettarevived

    vendettarevived New Member

    GB&A Acoustics are good beginner guitars. Not the best, but pretty good. I bought mine for Rs. 3900 from a friend who sells musical instruments, and had it checked by a colleague of mine who happened to be a really good guitarist (He has done shows with Hariharan and knows him personally), and he really liked the sound of it.

    Though I must admit that I bought mine off an impulse in a way and didn't do enough research. I am not completely sure, but I think you should be able to get a Yamaha acoustic for the price of that GB&A, and I personally like them better.

    Dreadnaughts without cutaways will be louder than one with a cutaway as you mentioned, as with cutaways, you get lesser guitar body, and in my understanding, they will also produce a fuller sound, but I am an advocate of checking a guitar personally before buying it, as no two guitars produce the same sound. I had that colleague of mine check a dreadnought as well (don't remember the make), but he liked the GB&A one better, which is a cutaway, while the other one was not.

    You don't need bridge pins. They will always be on your guitar except when you change the strings so you'd have to work really hard to lose them.
  15. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    the main reason for cutaways

    better access on the higher frets

    and also gives a different look
  16. |SteEL|

    |SteEL| New Member

    Thanks again folks...
    Din't place the order will do in a few mins..

    K wont thnk i lose them then.. Atleast not soon..!

    The thing is I m intending to get from furtadosonline and that is the only shop i feel trustable enough to place an order..
    They dont hav the gb&a low end range o guitars...:(
    Do u mean cutaways make a FULLEr sound??
    Well then i might go for a cutaway then.. How abt the normal ones?
    wat edge does the cutaway have over them?

    Ohh k..
    But cutaway vs normal guitars
    which sounds better?
    I am really picky whn it comes to my "audio makers" so i luv to choose something that sounds better..
    But obviously price matters :)

    And guys Will the dreadnought i intend to get be a decent choice?
    I only intend to learn with it and nothing else..
  17. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    depends upon you...i prefer cutaway coz it gives a better fret access...tone wise i dont think there will be any difference...except volume...which hardly one can perceive...

    buying granada from furtados is a better option coz furtados is the official dealer for granada guitars so they might give you some great deals on this will be great if you call them and talk to them personally...and ask for some discounts and some free accessories...

    coming to guitar shape...i personally dont like dreadnoughts(reason same as alpha 1's)...that doesnt mean you wont be able to play a dread sized guitar...personal preference...
  18. |SteEL|

    |SteEL| New Member

    Thnks again suman..

    Well thats a shocker.. Will they give me discount for an online purchase from their stated website price if i call em up?
    Thats AWWSome!! Well worth a try if thats how it is..
    Thanks for the precious info..!

    Well I m still leaned towards dread after all the warnings..
    hope it's not my cocky self actin up ..zzz
    Hope its ok for me as well..
    Will place the order shortly.. Yestd dint hav damn power..One thing India is quite unique abt ;p atleast around my parts
  19. |SteEL|

    |SteEL| New Member

    Tried calling from 1030 today...
    No1 picking up zzz
    And damn getting a maestro transaction error..... WTH
    Tryed to add as NEFT whch is a damn hectic process getting an error there tooo...WTF

    I feel Jinxed......havin second thoughts now.... thats like 10 fails in 24 hrs... lol
  20. samcool

    samcool New Member

    Hey first I'll congratulate you on making the best decision of buying a guitar for you..It really is..Now for ur queries..
    \What you should really buy/
    Tuner/Metronome is'll be thanking me..It saves time and frustration and its not a beginner thing at all everyone uses it..There are combos in the market having both..Buy those..
    Strings, D'Addario most preferably..
    Gig bag absolutely essential..foam padded!!
    And if you have some extra bucks do buy a about what it really is..
    Picks-About picks tell them to give Delrin picks,these are smooth plastic ones and are easier to play with and 1 or 2 medium ones though a beginner usually shouldn't play with medium ones but still..

    \What you should not buy/
    Straps- Generally you dont need them for acoustics, But if you want to play acoustic while standing then buy it and one thing is sure after you have it you'll be thinking where am I going to attach
    Bridge pins and Winders-Are u kidding,You dont need them at all..

    But all said and done first invest in a proper guitar..All these things can be bought later too and buy a cutaway if u can..just bcoz of higher fret reach and coolness if it colorwise go for natural finsh i.e. wood colour, you can go with black but scratches are more easily visible that way...
    And as others said call them..Ask them for discounts..Usually gig bag and picks come with the guitar and ask about the allen key which too comes wid the axe..
    And buy from Bajaao, they are a nice online store operated by passionate musicians and they may help you too and may give good discounts..But it really is upto you from where you buy..
    Best of luck..make the best choice..

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