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    Hi guys,

    I have an old electric that was made in the late 80s by Salu Dias (Alberto's). Many years ago I stopped playing but my son has started and since I had a few old guitars (a modified strat, yamaha compass acoustic etc..) around I gave my guitars to him.

    The Alberto guitar uses a set of 3 DiMarzio pickups (Dual Distortion, Chopper and Multibucker), grover heads, and a floyd rose. My son loves it because the guitar is fast and loud.

    However the guitar has been having trouble with it's neck. Every few months it bends one way or another. I would like to get a new maple neck with an ebony fretboard (and truss rod) and transplant my existing grover heads and other hardware over to the new neck. What would a new neck cost?


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    I believe the price of neck varies as much as the price of a guitar.
    Which means a Givson quality one would be < Rs 5000, whereas an Ibanez prestige would be > Rs 20000

    What is the neck length?

    btw There is no substitute to visiting a luthier/shop and getting the price ascertained there.

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