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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by slide, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. slide

    slide New Member

    Hi, just joined the forum. I wish to promote my instrument in India as it is well suited for playing Bollywood songs. I am talking about the lap steel guitar. Guys from east may be aware of this instrument but its not well know in the rest of India.
    Its a Western instrument used widely in country music and has a big brother called the pedal steel. It is used as a supporting haunting chord changes.
    In India its used to play the lead parts and hence the playing style is different.

    May be there are a few players here. Would like to hear from them.
    God bless.
  2. Rākar baḷakedār

    Rākar baḷakedār New Member

    Welcome to our Indian Guitar Tabs,enjoy your stay here,make new friends,feel free to be active on forum!
  3. slide

    slide New Member

    I wish to post a link so that guys can listen to a song played on the lapsteel.
    Is this the right place to post the link?
  4. slide

    slide New Member

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