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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by LouLou, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. LouLou

    LouLou New Member

    Hi there, greetings from Holland. I have had 3 guitar lessons so far and looking forward to learn more from this awesome site.
  2. Mister_vik

    Mister_vik New Member

    Hey, this i believe is a great place to be, i'm learning guitar and have got quite helpful stuff from here.. Cheers to all guitar lovers!!
  3. dadatharki

    dadatharki New Member

    Hi! I just entered the arena and trust me, it feels great to be in the midst of you all talented people. 3 cheers to all of you.
  4. elfascinating

    elfascinating risqué

    Dada-Tharki .. wah wah.
  5. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Hey LouLou, welcome to this community! Nice to know there some Dutch people here aswell!

    Hey LouLou, welkom bij deze club. Fijn te horen dat je ook uit Nederland komt, ik hoop dat je het leuk zult vinden hier!!

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