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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by shredder01, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. shredder01

    shredder01 New Member

    hi all
    I am looking to buy a new electric guitar. I am not new to guitars but my experience has mostly been with acoustic guitars. As far as playing style is concerned I don't like to limit myself and play anything from country to (Steve Morse's) Modoc. Recently however I have started playing Cliffs of Dover and the acoustic guitar does have its limitations. I have gone to and shortlisted two guitars (combo deals actually). One is the Java Strat + Marshall amp. The other is ESP LTD F10 with amp Combo Pack. Most of you are experts as far as electric guitars are concerned so please advise me. What would be better? Please don't advise me to shell out a bit more and get another guitar because I AM on a budget. I don't want to be having to play a fancy guitar wearing only my underwear. So just tell me which would be better- Java or ESP? Am not interested in Malmsteen style shredding but a more versatile playing style a la Steve Morse and Eric Johnson.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    Wrong forum, you should have posted in the Guitar Gear Talk Forum.

    Well both guitars are going to be equally shitty. Haha, sorry. The ESP, AFAIK, has an agathis body. The Java, I don't know what wood it's made of. You're not looking at getting much quality out of the guitar sound so the main deciding factors are going to be build quality and playability. Hence try and go to a store where you can try these guitars so that you can decide which one you're comfortable playing.

    Johnson and Malmsteen both play on Strats. Whatever you may or may not be interested soundwise in is going to be decided based on the amp and FX pedals (if you're gonna use them).
  3. palthestud

    palthestud New Member

    Budyy..also do a review of both the guitars..if some one has the end its your fingers which create the magic not the strings..
  4. shredder01

    shredder01 New Member

    Cort X2?

    Update. Instead of going for the F10 pack, I am also thinking of getting a Cort x-2 electric
    along with DigiTech RP80 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor. Instead of having to buy an amp I can then use a pair of unused computer speakers I have lying around. What say gurus???
  5. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    Does the RP80 have good amp modelling, or are you planning to have your balls hide in your abdomen when you switch over to distortion?

    Amps are there for a reason. They're a band pass filter, an equaliser, and, oh, an amplifier all in one. Your hi-fi speakers are not going to cut any of the frequencies and you're going to hear cats dying a painful death on most distorted patches.

    But if you're a bedroom guitarist, it could work.
    a) Your MFX has some amp+cab modelling
    b) You plug it into your computer and use something like Guitar Rig 2
    c) You hate those dangly things between your legs :p
  6. shredder01

    shredder01 New Member

    Errrrr Mr. Hundred
    Hate to disappoint you but all this has nothing whatsoever to do with testicular fortitude. I don't know why you r trying to relate the whole thing to "those dangly things between your legs ". Try reading up on a person named Sigmund Freud.....
    it might give you some insight into yourself and (most probably) some SHORT-coming that you (in ALL probability) suffer from. Maybe you are trying to prove to yourself (and to the world) that you have those crown jewels by playing loud music. But you see, the fact is that not everyone wants to disturb their neighbours and/or create a racquet when they play music..... i.e. not all of us are anti-social wanna-be cool types who try and get attention by having music blaring out of an instrument.
    Oh, and by the way, I got myself a Marshall MG10CD amp.(way before reading your interesting post on hiding testicles).

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