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  1. prince4sin

    prince4sin New Member

    hi everyone...
    i'm new to chennai...can u plz help me out in finding a good shop here in chennai to buy a semi-acoustic guitar...

    n which d better 1??? givson r neother???
  2. vijayan.joseph

    vijayan.joseph New Member

    There are two famous stores which I would recommend.

    Musee Musicals
    #73 Anna Salai
    Phone: 044-28522780

    165, R.H Road, Opp. Sanskrit College and Anjaneya Temple,
    Mylapore, Madras - 600 004.
    Tel/ Fax : 2499 32 94. Tel : 2499 64 98.
  3. alnico

    alnico New Member

    i don't know about neother but don't go for givson( the pickups sucks!). I myself is looking for a semi-hollow electric as i play only jazz. i believe squier telecaster thinline and Greg Bennet Royal models are very good guitars considering the price .they both uses Duncan design pickups.
    hope this helps!

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