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    hey guys this is the first time i m posting a thread and it seems that i am a bit late in it. i have had a acoustic guitar for a couple of years and wanted to buy an electric one. i could lay my hand on Givson gs 1000 wid marshall amp and a effect pedal from Zoom. now the problem is that when i turn the tone knob it produces a loud humming sound which goes off when i touch the strings . it is fine till the strings are in contact with hand or the tone knob is off.....can someone help me pls
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    You need to get a good set of shielded cables from the guitar to the GFX and from there to the AMP. With a good set of cables you can block the humming caused due to ground looping (Which is identified as the hum goes away when you ground it with your hands).

    Also note that using over drive or high gain for distortion, there is bound to be some hum as well ;)

    Try that and let me know if this helped.


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    thanks buddy

    hey buddy , thanks a lot for the help... will surely try it out.. hope it works .. thanks a ton...

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