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  1. Jagggu

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    Hey Guyz ! My name is Varun Dharma.Am practisin guitar for the past 2 years. Have come up with a new tune. Written and composed by me. Kindly listen to my tune and advise how it is. My sincere apologies on some areas of lyrics and music for the hardcore music lover.

    The song is titled 'Inevitable' and its about one side affair, where love loses hope and ends up in no other option...but to end up in break up.

    Am unable to post the link, as i am new to this site, however if you go on to You Tube and search for the below, you will be able to view my video

    "Varun - Inevitable"

    Would appreciate your valuable comments.

    Thanks Guyz!
  2. compucomputix

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    bro....nothing comes after searching for "Varun - Inevitable"

    heres a suggestion 4 posting links.....copy paste th links here and gv some space btwn th it??? :)
  3. compucomputix

    compucomputix New Member

    I hv gt it bro....its fabulous!!! way to go dude!!!! :)
  4. compucomputix

    compucomputix New Member

    cn u post th chords of th song????? with th lyrics???
  5. rickkkyrich

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    ya thats a gr8 effort.. wishes !!!

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