Never played to buy first guitar?

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    I just browsed through some old threads but I guess I am the only person with such a peculiar problem.

    I have never even touched a guitar before. Listened to a friend play and I want to learn it now.

    My cousin can play guitar and she's coming at my home for a few weeks at the end of July. She will teach me. She just told me to buy a classical guitar but did not specify anything else.

    I even forgot to ask her!

    So please tell me how I should buy a guitar? I mean do I just go and tell the shop keeper to hand me something or hold it? I have NEVER even strummed a guitar and so, the whole "Strum the cords" doesn't help me!

    I live in South Kolkata. So, if you can actually tell me some good store's name and address and better still, a model number along with it, it would make my day!

    Btw, my budget is max 2k
  2. new_kid

    new_kid New Member

    Please someone help me....
  3. sd1978

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    arey bhai, tumi ekta bangali... tomar rakto te sangit aache.. ekbaar music market e jaao..tumi nijei bujhte paarbe ki guitar laagbe tomar :) trust me.. I am the live example... Once upon a time, I had seen the guitar for the first time... and today I am playing the same guitar for last 11 years.. thats Hober DN 265 Export Quality for 3000/- ... I suggest you to go for a Pluto Jumbo Accostic guitar... the one with Pickup, Equilizer and Built In Tuner costs 6800... I am also planning to buy the same now..
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    for all

    sob bangali bondhue der boli .Do you people know that Kolkata is the musical backbone of India .

    THE OLDEST MUSIC INSTRUMENT SHOP IN KOLKATA {J. Reynold & Co.} 15 Mirza Ghalib Street near Indian Museum, is very trustworthy and a traditional shop.

    link to the official site and contact information

    BEST MUSICAL SCHOOL IN KOLKATA {Bani Chakra} Rash Behari Avenue ,near priya cinema hall Desopriya Park.

    I have seen many going in as an amateur,and became a professional music player
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    Just do one thing..

    Buy A GB&A AG 100 Guitar its the best for beginners...!! :)

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