Nenjukul Peididum In Diffrent Way

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  1. ramey1986

    ramey1986 New Member

    ++Audio File At Bottom++

    E |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    B |--0-2-3--5-3-2-0--------5--------0-2-3--5-3-2-0------------------------
    G |----------------------2-4---------------------------------2-4-4s6-4-4-----
    D |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    A |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    E |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    nenjukkul peidhidum maamazhai
    E |-----------------------------------------------------
    B |------------------------------------2---------------
    G |-2--4--2----4----4--2----4-----------2----------
    D |----------------------------------------------------
    A |----------------------------------------------------
    E |-----------------------------------------------------

    neerukkul moozhkidum thaamarai
    E |--------------------------------------------------------|
    B |---------------------------------------2----------------
    G |-2--4--2-----4----4--2-------4---------------------
    D |-------------------------------------------2------------
    A |---------------------------------------------------------
    E |---------------------------------------------------------

    sattendru maaruthu vaanilai penne un mael pizhai
    E |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    B |--------------------------------2--5---------------------2------------------------
    G |----2-2-------4-4-2------4-----------------4-4-2-4-------4---------------------
    D |-4----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    A |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    E |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    om shanthi shanthi om shanthi en uyirai uyirai nee aenthi
    aen sentraai sentraai enai thaandi ini nee thaan enthan andhaadhi
    E |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    B |------2---3-5-3----2-3-2--------5-5---------------2-3-5-3-2-3-2--------5-------------
    G |---4--------------------------4------------------4-----------------------4------4----------
    D |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    A |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    E |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    aetho ontru........ mookkin......
    kallaththanam..... punnnagayo....
    E |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    B |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    G |--2-2-1-2s1----------2--------------2-2-1-2s1----------4--------------------
    D |--------------------4------4-2-------------------------4--------4--2------------
    A |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    E |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    nee nintra idam entraal vilai aeri pogaatho
    nee sellum idam ellaam panikatti aagatho ennodu vaa veedu varaikkum
    E |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    B |----------------2-2-2--------------5-2-----------------------------------------------------
    G |---------2-------------------2h4-------4-4-4----------4-4-2-4~--2------2--4--2--2---
    D |--2h4-----2-------------------------------------------------------------4------------------
    A |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    E |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Click Here to listen >>

    looking for a fren same hobby like me ( playing guitar ) - any questions - 0162905564 Resh
    its my Sample playing those tabs
    i play as slow i can..
    My Version tab...
    may be is not so accurate..
    plus with some nice strumming... sure blow out.
    (i Stop play play guitar like 6 years ago ... )
    Pls comment thx
    music my world , guitar my soul!
  2. anbu210

    anbu210 New Member

    Hi ramey..

    I am new to guitar...Learning now....I heard the mp3 file u uploaded its simply superb...

    I know how to play seeing these quotes...But couldn't get below quotes...

    Plz let me know how to play 2s1 , 2h4 , 2-4-~--2 .....wat does symbol s,h and ~ denotes

    Waiting for ur reply.....
  3. UberShred

    UberShred New Member

    S indicates a slide. so 2s1 says you play the note on the second fret and slide your finger down to the first fret.

    h indicates a hammer-on. A hammer-on is performed by literally ramming your string on to the string(to put it crudely) so a 2h4 indicates playing the note on the 2th fret and while holding the note,hammer the 4th fret with another finger(this has to be done fast after you play the first note).

    4~ indicates a vibrato. This is done by pushing the string up and down,with your finger and hence causing the sound to vibrate.In classical guitar playing a vibrato is performed by moving teh finger up and down the fret.This takes a lot of practice before it actually sounds good(much like anything in guitar).

    So there ya go,explained it in a very crude crappy way,google hammer-on pull-off and and vibrato and try a few exercices and read up.
  4. ramey1986

    ramey1986 New Member


    thank you UberShred... for a simple and plain explain!

    since me got good feedback.. i will post and will find most song for u to play..

    actualy i make those tabs for easy to play for beginner ...

    note : copy and paste the link for audio... sometime click on it wont work out!?!

  5. keymaster

    keymaster New Member

    great work dude, keep going!
  6. anbu210

    anbu210 New Member

    Hey UberShred thanks a lot for the information... Will try out as you said..

    I am expecting more simple songs form u ... Keep going !!!
  7. dharmesh10

    dharmesh10 New Member

    can any one tell me the strumming pattern for nenjukul peinthidum song from varanam aaiyram..
    thanks in advance
  8. mariaannlee

    mariaannlee New Member

    hiiiiiiiiiiiii thank uu
  9. mahinth

    mahinth New Member

    hey :D i cant hear the mp3 u have uploaded? ca u upload it again? please :D
  10. brightson

    brightson New Member

    please upload the audio again
  11. dharmesh10

    dharmesh10 New Member

    Nice One..!!

    Gud one ..!! Would be fine if we get the strumming for this song..!!
  12. bosprashanth

    bosprashanth New Member

    it's wrong, i think 2nd line is not well........
  13. katak puru

    katak puru New Member

    thank you my friend ha aha aha
  14. katak puru

    katak puru New Member


    thank youaha aha ahaaha ahaahaha ahan ahaa a
  15. ramey1986

    ramey1986 New Member

    thank you

    sorry for my late reply ... just back from outstation.

    from now i will try to post 1 or 2 song tabs each week . Hoping so!

    the more u silent become , the more you can see! - ramey1986

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