Neele Neele Ambar - vocals and guitar

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  1. Nilanjan

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  2. nishaRox

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    Nice one.. accurate singing and guitaring.. wish someone could be there to accompany with the leads and the interludes... and drums :)

    Great going.. waiting for more 4rmu..

    ~ Nish_
  3. Imranyou2k5

    Imranyou2k5 New Member

    check out my version
  4. Nilanjan

    Nilanjan New Member

    Thanks a lot Nisha. :)

    Hey Imraan, just heard your recording. can u tell me the interlude that u played between the lines, e.g Neele Neele ambar par (...) chand jab aaye

    I wanted to know the tabs of the (...) part in the above line.

  5. Dev

    Dev New Member

    hi neel,

    i heard your version of neele neele ambar and i was wondering if you could post the chords you used and when to change the chords (like with the words)?
    sounds great.. i want to learn too..


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