Neela Vanam Original Guitar Chords !!!!!

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    Hi friends, I'm posting the guitar chords of the song " Neela Vanam" from the movie Manmadhan Ambu. It is a beautiful song from Devi Sri Prasad. Moreover its chord arrangement is very simple, even a beginner can easily play this song.....Hope you like it...!

    Any suggestions/ criticism/ corrections are most welcome... Please try it & let me know...
    Thanks in advance.....

    C G C G
    Neela... vaanam... neeyum... naanum
    F C F C
    Kangaley... bashayaai... kaigaley... aasiayaai
    G A G E
    Vaiyamae... koilyilaai.. vaanamae... vaayilaai
    F Em Dm C
    Paalveli... paayiley... sainthu naam kooduvoam
    Am G Cmaj7
    Inni nee endru naan endru iru veru aalillaiyae
    C G
    Neela... vanam (The blue sky)
    C G Em G
    Neeyum... naanum (You and I)

    C Gm Am Em
    Saayorae.. Thari.. Rutha .. Hey hey..

    C G G# Bb
    Ethotho desangalai seyrkkindra nesam thannai
    C G G# Bb
    Nee paathi naan paathiyaay korkkindra pasam thannai
    Cm C# Bb
    Kaathal endru paeyar suttiyae kaalam thantha sontham ithu
    Cm C# Bb
    Ennai polae pen kuzhanthai unnai pol oru aan kuzhanthai
    D# Gm G# Bb
    Naam vazhntha vazhvirku sandravathu innoru uyir thaannadi...
    C G C G
    Neela... vaanam... nee ee ee yum naanum

    D# D5
    Pallaandu pallaandu pallaayirathu aandu
    C# Cm
    Pala kodi nooru aayiram..
    D# D5
    Palaandu pallaandu pallaayirathu aandu
    C# Cm
    Pala kodi nooru aayiram...
    G# F5
    Pallaandu pallaandu pallaayirathu aandu
    Bb G
    Pala kodi nooru aayiram.

    C G G# Bbadd9 Bbsus4
    Aaratha kaayankalai aatrum naam nesam.. thannai..
    C E G# Bb
    Maalaatha sogam kalai maayithidum mayam thannai
    Cm Fm7 C# Bb
    Seyyum vinthai kaathaluku kai vanthathoru kalai thaannadi
    Cm Fm C# Bb
    Unnai ennai otri otri uyir seyum maayamaum athu thaannadi
    D# Gm G# Bb
    Naam vazhntha vazhvirku sandravathu innoru uyir thaannadi...
    C G C Dm C
    Neela vaanam nee ee ee yum naa numm


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