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    Hi guys!

    I needs links/info western classical guitars, how are they different from normal ones ?? can i put nylon strings into my acoustic - wuld it sound like that, wht r the plucking/playing styles.

    can anybody suggest some songs on western classical playing styles.

    thnx in advance
  2. alex

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    Hey! nobody got the info or what???


    anyway i have foud out myself :p

    There are two basic types of acoustic guitars: the classical and the Dreadnought steel string. The classical guitar uses six nylon strings, with the three bass strings being silver wound. The steel string guitar, as the name implies, is strung with six steel strings. The body of the steel string guitar is also slightly larger than that of the classical guitar.

    The best guitars for their price are available in Mexico. Japanese guitars are more expensive, but they are still a good product for their price. The best choice for a classical guitarist would still be a guitar from Spain, which is not quite as easy to find.

    Some trustworthy brands:
    Japan: Mexico: Spain:
    Yamaha: Tres PiƱos :Artesano
    Takamini Valenciana :p. Saez


    Had seen a Hobner western classical guitar - cost 3000/- , has more space between the strings than a normal acoustic one, and the sound is not as good as acoustic. Good for vocal solo's, rarely plyed in hindi song, You can download free classical sheet music & mp3s at:

    :think: now looking for some more info on playing styles since it can be used with a normal acoustic too. And some more sample songs..............

    So this is easy now - pls if you can post some more info
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    Try "Ode to joy" by Beethoven or "Bourree" by Bach
    these are very easy to learn and sound very good on the classical guitar. You can find tabs for them anywhere on the net.
    Then try Moonlight Sonata by beethoven which is tougher and longer.
    Good luck!

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