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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by distorted, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. distorted

    distorted satan

    Guys, m planning to pick up a B.C.Rich platinum series virgin or warlock, most probably a virgin... Actually i found the looks quite catchy, rly capable of turning the heads.. N as far as reviews on harmony central n certain other forums r concerned, dey r all gud... Its just they suggest to change the pickups n get emg actives n u can turn it into a real mean axe, probably the best thiing fr metal... I myt take the the pikups as well, may b aftr sumtym... If anybdy here has got an experience of playing the guitar himself, kindly help me... I've heard that virgin is a bity heavy on neck, will it be really troublesum?? Thou d reviews suggest, its just a bit problematic, rest evrything is gud... I m lukin fr sum first hand reviews guys... N if sumbdy has got an idea about hw much it costs n frm where i can get it, pls tell... Its not available at bajaao or sb. The dealer i spoke to, in chennai, has quoted sumthing arnd 32k.
  2. thehundredthone

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    It will definitely have to be imported.
    Best thing for metal? Heh, no such luck there, sorry. It will boil down to personal preference.
    Neck heaviness is also subjective to some extent.
  3. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member


  4. distorted

    distorted satan

    alryt, so how much i shud expect the price to be?? I mean what amount wud be fair??
    N i rly dont suppose, its gonna fare bad if u r into metal... B.C.Rich are meant to perform metal...
  5. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    LOL please stop with the meant to perform metal. If it was meant to perform metal it would probably come with a guitarist attached.

    Yes the pickups on the guitar will be ceramic, capable of high gain and so better suited for distorted sounds than clean, which, however doesn't discount the fact the sound will be very thin. Yes the body will probably be basswood or better yet some suspicious agathis or chesswood, and so there will be only one tone, which we will now call the metal tone.

    Now as far as I can see it has been discontinued in online stores so I dunno what price it should be at. But paying 32k for this is just not worth it. If you're hell bent on the looks of the guitar you need to find a very reasonable deal. Because you will have a lot of setting up to do - changing the stock strings, adjusting the pickup height or actually, buying new pups, etc.

    You can get much better guitars (build and feature wise) for that price.
  6. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Its not the guitar that decides whether metal comes out of it or not.
    Its the guitarist and the amplifier/processor.

    So get that stupid thinking out of your brain that BC rich are good for metal and Fender are good for blues.
  7. distorted

    distorted satan

    @alpha1: it wud be better if u advise me sumthing substantial, evrybdy knows dat u need a gud guitarist to play sumthing gud... I ws just speaking of the relative advantages u get with the guitar... A monkey wont play music if u give him a guitar, i expect sum wisdom frm u alpha... If u ve sumthing worthy of posting, pls do post... I m luking openly fr all suggestions n comments fr the guitar...

    @thehundredthone: thnx fr ur advise man... Actually its like, the dealer gets it imported in an illegitimate manner sumhw, so he just quoted me 32k, i m quite sure, i will get it fr sum 27-28k, coz fr him it wont cum fr more den 22.... N ya i'll replace the stock strings with thicker gauge, n myt be the pikups in sumtym... So i'll be wrapping it off under40k... can u suggest sum better options under 40k, keeping in mind that it will be playing all metal or sumtyms hard rock....
    And in case case i lower down my budget(if i plan to invest on pedals) i mean sumthing arnd 25-30k remaining fr guitar, are there any comparable options??

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