Needed Chords for "Kannale Pesi Pesi Kolladhe" from "Adutha Veettu Penn"

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  1. thamboo

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    Hi Roentgen, Can you give a try at this song "Kannale Pesi Pesi Kolladhe" from "Adutha Veettu Penn"

    I can try decipher only diatonic major and minor scale; anything out of key would puzzle me, working on ear training and I am hopeful to learn it in few years time; looking out for any application which would help in ear training; any suggestion?

    Thank you once again for your time in helping us to provide chords for such great oldies which we can try at home
  2. roentgen

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    Ah ha ha haaa haaaa(Ebm).....
    Ah ha ha haaaaa(G#m)....
    Ah ha ha haaaa(Bb7)....
    Ah ha ha ha haaaaaa(Ebm)....
    Ah ha ha haaaa(C#)......
    Ah ha ha haaaa(Ebm7)....
    Ah ha (Bb)ha haaaaa..
    Ah ha ha ha haaa(Ebm)...
    Ah ha ha ha haaaaa(Ebm)

    (Ebm)kaNNale pesi pesi kollaadhe
    (Ebm)kaadhale (Bb)keattu keattu (Ebm)sellaa(Bb)dhe
    (Ebm)kadhal deiveega raNi
    (Bb7)bodhai uNdagudhe nee
    (Ebm)kaNNe en manadhai vittu thuLLadhe
    kaNNale pesi pesi kolladhe

    (Ebm)paasam meeRi siththam thaalam (C#)poadudhe
    un (B)bakthan uLLam (G#m)niththam yengi (C#)vaadudhe(Ebm)....
    Flute fill - C# C# C# Ebm x 2
    (Ebm)aasai vetkam aRiyamal (C#)odudhe
    en (B)anname un (G#m)pinnal jadai (C#)aadudhe(Ebm)...

    Rajesh :music:
  3. thamboo

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    Hi Roentgen, Is there any software available to train ears; I heard from my friend that there are softwares to train ears and it is being used by many music schools and professionals, can you throw some light on it? self learn in ear training is quite frustrating, only a good ear can determine chords from old songs, as they don't follow western scales and are more raaga based which is quite tiresome through hit & trial methods what I use
  4. roentgen

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    I honestly have no idea. I've come accross android apps which train your ears to differentiate notes.
    Not sure if they have someting like that for chords.

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