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  1. bondneo

    bondneo New Member

    Hi all,
    I like guitar very much and would like to learn how to play it. I am living in chennai now.From Where I can get an acoustic guitar ,a low cost one(<700).

    Can I learn by myself or is it necessary to attend lessons from a teacher?

    I don't have intension to be guitar pro :)
  2. I_Me_&_Guitar

    I_Me_&_Guitar New Member

    ok .. if u need a guitar for rs 700 then u need to take a second hand.. u could asl one from this website itself.. many will suggest u.. no not necessary to have a teacher.. cos am myself a self learner.. u could get books.. that may guide u... i have already suggested this... u cud step into lakdhman shruthi.. they have instruments and books.. ok
  3. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    u r in chennai! if u get a chance to go to banglore u can get guitars from 800 onwards, it's enough for you to satisfy your guitar thirst then, or i tink u can get guitars for 700 onwards in music shops, i dont think u can get in lakshman sruthi,, ya for guidance as I_me_n_guitar said u can step into lakshman struthi for ideas... also museemusic
  4. jadoo 007

    jadoo 007 New Member

    buying at 700 z difficult....... but if u do really love to play guitar then i'll pray to god for u, till u get ur loving guitar........
    let the music spread by guitar

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