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    hi all, im an intermediate level player, but recently i have seen videos of people playing guitar on youtube, having excellent video quality and amazing sound recording. i talked to some of these people, some of them were using really high end cameras for recording and supreme condenser mics and ribbons for recording audio.

    I cant invest that much for this, but still would like to record videos with modest video and good sound quality.

    Pls suggest me some webcameras and mics which are cheap, from the indian market... and which can serve my purpose... here is a list of the hardware that i think is good... in the indian market... plz post your takes on these accessories...


    -- iBall Face2Face (4M and 8M) --> two diff webcams, in the range of Rs. 800-1400/-


    -- Sony FV 120 and 220
    -- iBall M81

    Both these mics are simple, dynamic mics... which claim to be good for music and vocals.
    i dont know...
    one thing more, for recording fast strumming action without that blurr, what is the minimum frame rate that one should aim for....?? this is a technical one.. :)

    Thanks !!!!

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