Need to play chura liya hai tumne

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    Hey guys. I'm very new to playing guitar. I have seen quite a few posts for "chura liya hai tumne" song from 'yaadon ki baraat' I want to learn how to play the tabs, not chords. Can someone guide me through how to play the tabs. Thank you...
  2. Wrong section..

    search in Guitar Lessons, Tutorials & Tips..u can find everything u need to learn how to play tabs...
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    post all beginner queries in Beginner's Q and A Forum..thread will be moved to above mentioned^
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    hey guys !!
    dont be so rude to him.
    Parihkt, You haven't told how much new you are to guitar .... Do you know basics of guitar , then only any one can answer your questions properly .Otherwise the tutorial which spy_game has mentioned is perrfeect !!!

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