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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by arnie_t8, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    go for the av3........its far better than ibanez's........though ibanez rg321 isnt so bad itself..........and later get some good pickup's installed on the av3 has started to sound dull in front of my GB&A because of the EMG's.......
  2. arnie_t8

    arnie_t8 New Member

    this guitar is crafted in india....its original price is 25k...n m gettin it for 12k....its hardly used...i feel it wud b better than any of the guitars i cud get in it ok to buy indian made jackson?? sir has checked sounds very gud.
  3. distorted

    distorted satan

    Wts an indian made jackson? It must be a copy of jackson kelly made by sum luthier... If sumbdy who knows abt elec guitars says its gud, then it must b gud... N if its original price ws 25k, i guess it must b having sum gud pickups installed... if u find it comfortable n the sound suits u, its gud.
    But if it is barely used, hw come u r getting it so cheap?
  4. arnie_t8

    arnie_t8 New Member

    an indian made jackson means that it is crafted in india....i read about jackson setting up its factory in chennai(tansen) on this site has got 2 jackson picks(hums) on sir said its a performance only concern is that since its india made ,the wood n stuff will be reliable or not.

    i am getting it cheap coz the guy himself got it for arnd 15k from onstage noida...his company gives sum coupons(mayb sum discount coupons..thats wat he says)...he has showed the bill to my sir....nd m gonna chek the guitar tom.
  5. distorted

    distorted satan

    Ok, gudluk... But indian made jackson, tansen, sounds fishy... I never heard any such news... Chk out well...
  6. satch_attack

    satch_attack New Member

    dont think twice ..get the rg321mh..Its a really nice guitar if you like thin necks.Even if you dont,its still a dream to play because it is neatly constructed.Later on,if you decide to buy a high end guitar,this one can always be your back up.
    I would never recommend an av3 over an rg321mh..The greg bennetts are good ,but they arent at the same level as the rg series.
  7. arnie_t8

    arnie_t8 New Member

  8. arnie_t8

    arnie_t8 New Member

    hey ppl...saw the guitar...its a kelly pro guitar..with 24 jumbo frets...had a very low action...with 2 jackson cvr2 hums....floyd rose double locking trem...but crafted in india...dunno the plz tell me whether i shud go 4 it or not?...will its neck bend after a few yrs?
  9. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    an un licensed floyd rose can be a real pain the in A** for beginners..........
  10. distorted

    distorted satan

    Not just fr beginners, fr anyone...
  11. distorted

    distorted satan

    N dat jackson is still fishy, nobdy knows whr it ws made exactly... kolkata is notorious... If it was tansen, it'll b okay... How old is it? Coz tansen closed a few years back.
    A better option is to get a custom built frm tulsi, chennai, or there r renowned names in mumbai. U'll get something gud in 20k. Or ibanezRGs are rly good.
  12. distorted

    distorted satan

  13. Harsh Kumar

    Harsh Kumar The Official IGT Jester

    The Tansen Kelly replica is a good buy!
    But the thing is are you comfy with the "Kelly" shape!!

    Dude, if it's ur first than hold your horses a lil!

    Ibanez is a good starting guitar as it is available at so many places. The wiring is standard, all the dimm are standard, so you can learn on that and than later whn you want to look crazy with your pointy guitar buy the jackson "Kings""Kelly""Randy Rhodes"
    all are awesome!!

    n BTW the Tansen you are lookin at has a Licensed Floyd Rose, nd is pretty good.

    Learn how to maintain it!! Get your FR serviced every 3 months, or at every alternate string change!!
  14. arnie_t8

    arnie_t8 New Member

    thnks a lot for ur replies ppl....

    i checked out the ibanez 321mh at was for 25k...way out of my budget.
    cudnt chek avion av3....

    @distorted-->the guitar is 2 months used...was bought frm onstage noida...the bill shows it for 15k(told u the guy got heavy discount)....
    nd a correction: the exact model is Jackson Js35KE not a pro kelly

    @harsh kumar-->can u plz suggest gud ibanez nd esp models under 20k....the only model i had heard about a lot about ws 321mh....but its for 25k.

    checked out various guitars at bhargavas...ibanez 270 , 220dex , esp 50mh ....cudnt find the diff in the sound...complete noob....wat i feel is spendin 12k for the jackson is better for a starter like me far as the shape is conerned i may get used to it...dunno...wat say?
  15. mohitdhawan

    mohitdhawan New Member

    Arnie, after reading this thread you must have realised everyone has a different taste and style thats why there are different types of guitars in the market. I am also planning to buy an electric guitar but i am very sure on fender, but since american is 95K and mexican is 39K i am going for a fender squier for 16K and later go for some classic pick-ups, amps and proc.

    Also man since you have got a guitar sir, why dont you take him along he will be able to guide you whats best you can get in your budget.

    I trust, that much your trust n respect he must have earned by now.

  16. distorted

    distorted satan

    In dat case, dat jackson replica is a gud option...
  17. arnie_t8

    arnie_t8 New Member

    called onstage n got to knw abt the wood n d original price..its indian cedro n for 20k(not for 25k as the guy had told me) ...neone knows hows the wood???

    knowin this again my mind is changing for a new guitar...totally confused...

    @distorted: rg series wich u suggested starts frm 321mh(i think)..wich is for 25k..above my budget...hows the grg series??? particular model recommendation?

    thnks ppl for ur replies.
  18. distorted

    distorted satan

    RG is gud too... Bur GRGs are just a little better... Try out yrself... RG270 will fit yr budget i suppose.
    N fr yr first guitar, dont wry fr the wood so much dude... It affects the sound only a little, u wont evn realize it... Pickups, processor, amp play a major part. Just chk out the condition n if the guitar vil last long n most importantly yr comfort...
  19. arnie_t8

    arnie_t8 New Member

    okay ppl....dint go for the jackson...indian made jackson sounded various threads on said that indian made thing is cheap nd is made of cheap stuff...sum said its gud...cudnt cum to a left it.

    rg270 wasnt available at bhargavas...or raj musicals....rg321mh was fr 25k...rg370dx was for basically rg series wasnt in my budget.

    avion av3 sounded nice....but wasnt tu confortable wid the action(tho it was low but not as low as the ibanez i bot) nd the shape was such that playability at the last frets wasnt comfortable for me...nd was a bit heavy.

    SO I FINALLY BOT RGR220dex...for i no this isnt the best guitar out there...nd grg series is highly criticized for its bridge...but okay m not gonna use the tremolo much...m a beginner on electric...hav to learn a lot of things first....odrwise it sounds gud...the frets are smooth(as sir said) and the action is quite low.... had to settle under 20k...had to buy the case(wich is for arnd 2k)....nd strap..will buy amp soon.

    so thanks a lot for all ur replies....nd il soon upload sum pics of my guitar.
  20. distorted

    distorted satan

    Congrats mate... The guitar is gud... Hv a great tym...

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