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  1. astromystery

    astromystery New Member

    Hi Friends,

    I am new in learning guitar and in fact have take only a couple of classes. I wish to know which brand guitar I should buy . My budget is about 4000-5000 rupees , as I want to have a guitar with tuner. Apart from this it'd be wonderful if some one could guide me as to where to buy the same. I am based in delhi.

  2. naman2887

    naman2887 New Member

    Go to Dariyaganj( if thats how its spelt), you'll find loads of guitar shops.

    Take someone with you who knows a bit about guitars or else you'll probably get ripped off.
  3. sathish_gerrard

    sathish_gerrard New Member

    if u r goin for quality , u shd be willing to cash out more, but sicne u are a beginner, u shd try starting wif a budget guitar and if ur interest sores, u can look into good guitars.
  4. neal_killer

    neal_killer New Member

    yaar do one thing go to daryaganj and there u will find many guitar shops
    but agar aapko koi particular lena hai to GIVSON Universe or GIVSON Venus super special will be best as u r a beginner .
    and ya plss do bargain with them coz u can get discount upto 5-600 rs
  5. baaji

    baaji New Member

    hey yar PLUTO is perfect i thing r try GIVSON

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