Need TABS for the following songs:

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  1. debmalya

    debmalya New Member

    Hi guys .. please post me the tabs fr the following songs:

    1. Rat kali ek khawab mein aayi
    2. Pal pal dil k pass
    3. Taare zameen par - Title song.
    4. Koi mil gaya - Title track.
    5. Teri Yaadein form the serial Love Story.
    6. Pehli nazar mein from Race
    7. Dooriyan hai zaroori - Break ke Baad

    Please guys pass me at least two ASAP !!!
  2. tika0614

    tika0614 New Member

    pehli nazar mein is in this site... use search bar. it's also found in google!
  3. krazzybiceps68

    krazzybiceps68 New Member

    Hi all rockstars..!!!!

    Can anyone here, provide me with the leads of Aadat complete song, also for the karz full song that is ek haseena thi..!!!!

    I need the full song....

    thanks to all in advance...
  4. suresh3v

    suresh3v New Member


    You can get notes for many songs in the below website. Chect it.
    It also has a inbuilt converter which converts notes from classic to western
  5. ArindamSarkar

    ArindamSarkar New Member

    May be this page will help a little:
  6. New Member

  7. New Member

  8. shona01

    shona01 New Member

    i search the tabs and the cords from the son You Maybe from the movie Aladin with ritesh deshmukh can every body help me ??
  9. debmalya

    debmalya New Member

    @ and ArindamSarkar

    Thanks guys ... was of great help ...
  10. princevidhi

    princevidhi New Member

    Will U Plzzz Give Me The Lead of the song u may be plzzz

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