need tabs for song Nasha of Blanknoize band

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  1. dhruv227

    dhruv227 New Member

    I want chords of band Blanknoize's song " Nasha ", the song can be heard at

    the song is Nasha
  2. AshesofDoom

    AshesofDoom New Member


    Dude...the hole song is within 3 chords
    its Dm A# C
    the verse goes in a complete circle with slight modifications within this chord patteren
    and the chorus is
    Dm->A#-> C-> A#

    chek it out
  3. dhruv227

    dhruv227 New Member

    hi AshesofDoom
    can u give me also that part when it's coming to the end where there is some tune on the lead.
  4. AshesofDoom

    AshesofDoom New Member far as i cud make out of the solo part in the song...wich i think m correct....the same chord prog. as the chorus continues to ply during..he solo...sorry i dont no the notes of the jus pay dis acoustic w/o solo hehe!

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