Need tabs for Ninnu Kori movie title song

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  1. vnvsnaresh

    vnvsnaresh New Member

    A Newbie here. Still trying to understand scales and notes associated with songs.

    I want tabs for Ninnu Kori movie title song

    I think it stars with Dm scale and goes like this but i am sure am 100% wrong :D
    Ninnu kori.... oh... Ninnu kori..
    e -----------------------------------------
    B ----------5-------------------------------
    G --5---7------7-----------------7-----5-------7-------
    D --------------------------------------------7---------

    kadile... Nadilaa..... karigaa.. kanulaa..
    e -----------------------------------------
    B ------------------------------------------
    G --5---7------7----------------------5---5-----------
    D -------------------------------7----------------------

    And then struggling from here. Please help
  2. ko_arjun

    ko_arjun New Member

    Song looks like it is in C major and Dm might be one chord. Play the individual notes in the chords of C, Am, F, G and figure out the notes by ear instead of going by tab. Add other chords as needed (Dm, Em etc. to see if they fit in).

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