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    Hi all,
    Apparently our school's ''Best Instrumentalist'' competition is coming up, I got selected now there is a bad thing that has happened. I usually play songs that I like, I don't really see country and music genre but the school said that only Indian songs and the song should be from the old times(i.e before 2000 songs). Now I don't know what I can do over here, I play finger-style mainly and would like to do a good song for the upcoming competition. I am also thinking that I should do like a mash-up of some great songs but I just need some suggestions, I don't really remember much of old Indian songs.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. you can check songs from the old Aashiqui (1993) or Mithun's Discodancer.
    that was the golden era of kumar Sanu, where no one knew the originals of copied music...
    A few of RD bur mans tunes, though greatly inspired", are too good >
    Churaliya hain tumne jo dil ko..
    Tum se milkar aisa lagaa...
    mehbooba mehbooba from Sholay
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    There are thousands of songs.. if you want to play a mesh up, I suggest that you choose one song and scale.. I can suggest you songs which are on same scale and similar tempo..
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    As it's a school competition, go for some catchy songs like

    - Gulabi Aankhein Jo TEri Dekhi (Am, G F, E)
    - Chalte Chalte Mere Yeh Geet (F#m, E, D)
    - Papa Kehte Hai ( C, Am, F, G)
    - songs from 1942 a love story

    or Melodious ones like

    - Chand Mera Dil (Am, Dm, G, C, Am F F Am)
    - Chura liya tune Jo Dil Ko (Am, G E, Em7 A)
    - Phoolon Ke Rang Se ( F Gm C and A#)
    - Ajeeb Dastana Hai Yeh (F, Gm, C)
    - Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si (Em, D, C)
    - Har Kisi Ko Nahi Milta (E, F, D/A)
    - Chhu Ker Mere Mann Ko (E, B, B7, A, C#)
    - Meri Mehbooba (sounds awesome with slow fingerpicking)
    - Aagey Bhi Jaane Na Tu (Goes from Gm I guess)

    or play some famous tunes like
    - Karz theme
    - Hero Theme
    - Sholay Theme

    I'd say, select songs based on your stle of playing. Mix some slow to fast tempo songs. Best Wishes.

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