Need Strumming pattern and simple songs

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  1. killerrajeev

    killerrajeev New Member

    Hi All,
    I am a beginner and I need Simple hindi songs. I know few cords i.e. A, D , E, G, C , Amin and Emin and pls sugges me the strumming pattern that suitable for most of the song. The pattern i know is down,down,up,up,down

  2. fahim2003

    fahim2003 New Member

    yaar practice with the song, Dont try to follow the guitars in any song but the Drum, Mix the up and down strums and you will get your rythem, The more you play, the more your brain generates strumming patterns on its own. Trust me, It is hard to read DUDUDUDDUUD rather than listening it and playing along the song.
  3. avinash.khatua

    avinash.khatua New Member

    or its easy to read DUDDU... than listening to them... watever it's practice is all one

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