need strummin part of robaroo frm rang de basanti

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  1. chiragrocks

    chiragrocks New Member

    hey guys i luv dis song can anyone helpme by givin tabs of robaroooo.................... plz
  2. chatty_arko

    chatty_arko New Member

    its 1 1 12 12 12
  3. chiragrocks

    chiragrocks New Member

    guys hope u can help me wid de sytrummin part of rangde basanti............. plz if ny one knows dat plz post me de tabs...
  4. nisarg271

    nisarg271 New Member

    ddu ddu dudu, this is the strumming pattern for roobarooo
  5. reddyrs4u

    reddyrs4u New Member

    Roobaroo Chords - Stumming Pattern

    grt song....its got just 2 chords Gm and B

    Shift bw the 2 chords with the strumming pattern D_DUUDUD

    mail me at i will send u the recorded .amr file, i am not able to upload it here its 202KB
  6. jain_dude

    jain_dude New Member


    how do we read these strumming patterns
    ddu ddu dudu
    1 1 12 12 12
  7. navinkumar

    navinkumar New Member

    hey buddy the song was veery nice u can try in c maj and f maj chords and the strumming paterrn that D_DDUDUDU(c maj) D_DUDUDU(f maj) the chords were also very easy to move

    with all regards

    navin kumar.
  8. termitebug

    termitebug New Member

    hey navin i think this song is on following pattern, used chords
    gadd5 320033
    cadd9 032033 and strumming pattern is like..


    post me a reply
  9. ozone

    ozone New Member

    hey guys... i have heard so many chords for this song on this site..
    here are a few:-
    1) A and D
    2) Gm and B
    3) C and F.. thats a wierd one but still works
    4) Gadd5 and Cadd9

    though the right chords are A and D... a slight modification of A and D is used in the original song which is difficult to reciprocate... neway i have tried this song using Gadd5 [320033] and Cadd9[032033]...
    check it out n let me kno if it sounds rite...
  10. ozone

    ozone New Member

    is this thread alive..??????
  11. suraj1000

    suraj1000 New Member

    play it fast
    first d---base strings
    second d----higher strings

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