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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by volcano619, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. volcano619

    volcano619 New Member

    Ok heres the deal...I've been playing guitar like 1-2 months now...I have gained a decent speed/experience over acoustic guitar now..
    But the thing is my point of interest is moving towards electric now..and i don't own a acoustic guitar...i just practice with my friends guitar..he has a takamin (no "e" after "min")...
    I want to buy my first guitar now...Now you may find these kinda threads common...but the thing is...I don't know which TYPE of guitar to go for... :)
    Acoustic or Electric....Whatever i'm gonna buy either electric or gonna give my full strength in mastering it..thats for sure...
    I know about semi-acoustic..but i don't find that amusing enough....the sound is kinda dull to me... :|

    So,to keep it simple...
    1 Quest...Which type should i go for??
    2 Quest.....I'm on a 'not so low' and 'not so high' budget....which is applicable for both electric and acoustic both know what i mean...

    I pretty much desperate about Electric one.. :)
    I saw telecaster as well as stratocaster....
    Really looking forward for a answer....thanks and regards...!!
  2. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    My suggestion would be to get
    1. Yamaha Pacifica (012 or 112 depending on ur budget) or
    2. Greg Bennett Avion series ( AV1 AV3 or AV6 depending on ur budget)
    3. Cort Zenox series (dunno the exact models ..try googling for it)

    Get a decent practice amp like Roland cube 15X, Peavey or a Fender mustang.

    ...and i am not a pro so wait for other suggestions as well....
  3. volcano619

    volcano619 New Member

    Should i go for a electric one then??
    I'l give my best in mastering anything...i'm thinking of electric because..i've kinda gained some good experience in acoustic...!!
    And my mind is kinda shifting to electric kinda music...
    I don't know about electric guitar's decent budget...but for acoustic i'l say like about 5-6K
    Please do recommend me one....!! :) (I hope its electric)
  4. amithkallupalam

    amithkallupalam New Member

    I say go for an electric if you have 18k+.
    Yamaha Pacifica 012 - 10k
    Yamaha Pacifica 112 - 15k
    Cort KX1Q - 18k
    Cort CR250 - 18k-19k


    Peavey Vypyr 15 - 8k
    Peavey Vypyr 30 - 13k

    Only go for the vypyr series.. And try to get a good guitar now so that you wont have to spend anymore on the guitar.. If I were you I'd spend more on the guitar and get the Cort KX1Q and then get a vypyr 30. If I dont have enough money id get the vypyr 15... I saw spend around 33k..
  5. amithkallupalam

    amithkallupalam New Member

    And its always good to have an acoustic. Because if you can play a riff on the acoustic without a lot of effort, then you'll be able to play on the electric without breaking a sweat. But I think you should get an electric.. But I doubt it'll fit in your budget... Try going for second hand..
  6. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!


    Imagine being called to a "camp fire" at a nondescript farm house/forest with a lots of chicks.
    You would keep searching for power supply and guitar amps, and arrangement of your pedal board - while I play More than Words on my acoustic and have an orgy later in the night.

    Even if you do get the electricity, you will keep fiddling with the knobs of your pedals, while I fiddle with ... (you know what)

    But on a more serious note. You decide what kind of songs you prefer. And what sound/tone.
    Seriously there are certain things that are best done on acoustic, and certain things best done on electric.
    You decide. We cannot decide on your behalf.

    If its just music and songs you wish to learn. You can go for either. But keep in mind what I wrote in the beginning of this post.
  7. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

  8. volcano619

    volcano619 New Member

    Yea..but i'm not gonna stop playing acoustic....I just feel more comfortable when on a electric tone rather than a acoustic..i dunno why...
    This actually happened when i was experimenting with acoustic and electric friend has a Ibanez electric..i dunno which model...that time i was more familiar with acoustic a dedicated guy in anything i do...i actually used to play like pshcho-pseudo guy...sometimes i didn't even had sleeps....on weekends..the 2 days of joy a guy used to have...i just kept playing..
    When he taught me some basic hand movements....i just felt it....its not like i don't love acoustic..but electric drives me more than acoustic does.. for me.... :|
    So now i want to buy my first guitar..but the thing is.."SHOULD I BUY WHICH IS FAMILIAR TO ME"(Acoustic) OR "SHOULD I BUY WHICH MAKES ME HAPPY"(Electric)

    And of course which one...i have a moderate budget applicable independently... :)
    And yeas..i saw that thread before posting here...but i thought i'm kinda different than made a new thread.. :)
  9. ayu135

    ayu135 New Member

    For a beginner i would recommend starting with an acoustic and when you have barre chords and other stuff comfortably under your belt then move to an electric. The reason behind this is that as said by alpha1 there is much more to an electric than just playing it and as a beginner it is not wise to bother with those things and rather concentrate on the basic techniques which are common to both electric and acoustic. Learn the open chords and be comfortable in changing between them about 30 times a minute. Learn the Barre Chords, the E-shaped, the A-shaped, The A-minor shaped and again be comfortable in changing between these shapes. Learn some easy scales like the Minor Pentatonic scale in the box position, or the Major scale and build you speed upto atleast 120bpm. Learn Power Chords. Learn some easy beginner songs and also some basic Music Theory. When you have learnt all this then consider moving to an electric.

    Also keep in mind that to get a decent electric guitar and amplifier you need atleast 25-30k budget that will last you in the long run. Whereas you can get a decent acoustic for around 6-8k. Please specify what is your exact budget, because moderate budget doesnt say a lot. For me a moderate budget for electric is around 30k.
  10. volcano619

    volcano619 New Member

    To be honest i never thought there would be anyone from nagpur..i'm from nagpur too... :|
    Anyways...i would be willing to pay 20k for a electric set up...max i guess..
    6-8k for acoustic wouldn't kill me either....And about the chords.i do know all except for that power chords.. And i don't know about bpms :| ... but i do have a decent speed and control....
    And as i said...i really wouldn't mind working hard...
    Since you are a you know anyone who teaches electric type...i wouldn't mind pitching in a hour or so for electric....
  11. ayu135

    ayu135 New Member

    Free Guitar Lessons - Learn how To Play Guitar - Justin's Beginners Guitar Course v2 check this out can you play all this stuff? Also just knowing how to play a chord isnt important also being able to apply them with strumming patterns etc is important. BPM stands for Beats per minute.

    All the guitar teachers i know wont teach you electric until you reach a certain level of proficiency. I would recommend going to Daniel Arlington he teaches electric too but he focuses more on technique and hence makes beginners play acoustic. He takes classes in Laxmi Nagar. He charges 3000/- for 2 months and 4000/- if you join for three months. I have his number. Then there are other guys like Ghosh sir and Gade sir they teach only acoustic. Or you can do the way i did i went to these people for about 2 months and then as soon as i had my basic technique down i learnt from the website i linked above. For electric i learnt from but it is a paid website.
  12. volcano619

    volcano619 New Member

    I know all that stuff..and i do play songs on acoustic...And i even asked some feedback from my friends who play acoustic and electric both.. about how i play acoustic...they say "a month of cooperation with electric style can get you good in electric too"...
    I have a 8GB video tutorial about playing guitar(both acoustic and electric)...
    3000 bucks for 2 months..thats kinda overpriced don't you think :O And i was going to Panch sir in bajaj nagar..
    My question is for example...if i have to play like Bm and D with DDUDUD...for a song..will this be same for the electric as well..or there are other things to be taken care of....??
  13. ayu135

    ayu135 New Member

    Yeah you will need to pay a lot of attention to muting. Plus your mistakes will get amplified too on an electric. Other than that it is similar.
  14. ayu135

    ayu135 New Member

    But i would like to say you wont get a very good guitar+amp in that 20k budget. If you cannot absolutely stretch it then go for an acoustic now and save up some more money and buy a decent guitar and amp later.
  15. aryasridhar

    aryasridhar New Member

    I somehow have a feeling that volcano likes the looks and feel of an electric guitar more, somehow by reading this entire thread that's what i feel.

    Anyways, I would say, try an acoustic guitar first, there are a few differences between the electric and acoustic, if you can get scales / chords progressions, arpeggios, hammer-ons, pull offs and may more techniques very well on an acoustic guitar, without any dead notes on an acoustic guitar, it will turn you into a better player. as the string tension on an electric is relatively very low, hence easy to play, but on the acoustic it isn't so, making an acoustic guitar your starting point would be a great idea IMO.
  16. guitarplayer729

    guitarplayer729 New Member

    he can download lick library lessons
  17. volcano619

    volcano619 New Member

    I'm gonna be modest here....i really don't like the looks to be honest..i dun give a darn about its looks...applicable to both acoustic and electric...
    I like the vibe created by electric more than acoustic..thats all...
    And i do play acoustic...strumming..muting..switching...chords...every stuff...but i just tried electric and i kinda feel comfortable...may be as some of you guys might be easy to play thats the reason :/
    still would give some time before i buy guess...after all you guys have some exp..more than me...

    @above...i didn't get u...
  18. volcano619

    volcano619 New Member

    I think i'm gonna wait for a while to progress to electric stance i guess...
    Sorry if i came out a bit rude.. :| i was just confused...
    Can anyone please recommend a nice acoustic guitar at say 5K-6K...saw some old country music which was bit tough for took the decision to go ahead with a acoustic one...
  19. aryasridhar

    aryasridhar New Member

    As you are determined and want to take up guitar seriously, I would suggest take a look at as many acoustics as you can, do not keep a budget in mind, atleast till you find the one you feel is right for you.

    Once you know which ones you like, shortlist the one you can afford,
    and then post here asking which among it people think is good, and even when you get a response from people here, ensure that you pick the ONE YOU LIKE and are comfortable with.

    General things to look for when buying an acoustic are
    Solid Top (Solid Spruce Top)
    Low action - Space between the strings and the fret board
    Neck - Does the neck feel good in your hands, is it comfortable to play with the neck?.
    Size - Are you comfortable with the overall size of the guitar? Play it sitting and standing.

    Hope it helps
  20. guitarplayer729

    guitarplayer729 New Member

    go to
    type lick library
    and see the lessons there are
    for metal, rock, blues
    and they also give band songs lessons

    P.S. do u know what torrentz is

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