need opinion on GB&A guitars (electrics)

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by dhirajsapkal, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. dhirajsapkal

    dhirajsapkal New Member

    i visited bhargavs musik at bandra today and saw a GB&A Les paul copy guitar retailing for 7k..... i was in a hurry so i didn't try it..... plus its an indian company (bharghav's own brand)....... i kinda liked the finish an all of the guitar..... and i am
    thinking of buying a new guitar..... so i might consider that one.... plus it fits right into my budget.....
    are GB&A guitars good?..... i mean like quality, durability etc.....
    does anyone here have that guitar or has tried that guitar??.......
  2. adamkelly

    adamkelly New Member

    be careful of the pickup selector switch and the pickups r good lookalikes but they really suck on gain settings..i tried one..its bad except the looks
  3. dhirajsapkal

    dhirajsapkal New Member

    so.... you think a java strat would be a better buy than this??..... i'm kinda on a low budget so can you suggest a good guitar+amp(+processor if possible :p) under 8k?

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