need NENJUKKUL PEYTHIDUM strumming pattern..!pls

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  1. sunny5

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    HEy guys am a newbie here...can anyone pls tell me the STRUMMING PATTERN for Nenjukkul peythidum song !
  2. ben_franciscan

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    To correctly strum like how it is played in Varanam Aayiram, you have to feel the song....thats the only way, really. Even if I did explain to you, it would probably be inadequate....but I'll try. The pattern is as follows.....

    Strum in this sequence ( a= down strum b= up strum ) :

    Intro = Strum from down to up once ( from low e to high E that is )

    Verse and Chorus:

    a baba ( I put it together as it is strummed fast )

    Here, there is a gap between the first strum and the 'baba' part. For the 'baba' sequence, the strumming is fast. Just continue strumming this pattern until you feel the need to change chords. Remember, feel the song..thats the key to masterly strumming.

    The chord progression I use for this song is :


    A F#m C#m D E


    D E
  3. sunny5

    sunny5 New Member

    thank you ben for the gonna work on tat...
  4. yuvrajkailash

    yuvrajkailash New Member

    Hi try using this..i think it works .... v -up ^ - down

    ^ ...... ^v^v^..........^...... vv^v
    da...... datadatada.....da......tatadata

    first beat the upward stoke and then beat the five and then again upward and next sounds like da datadatada da tatadata.....just try ..not sure it sounds similar to the original song..increase the speed and check !!!
  5. Sajith Mohideen

    Sajith Mohideen New Member

    a= down strum
    b= up strum
    c= down strum (little harder)
    d= up strum (little harder)


    The chords/tabs is in my blog.. Since im a newbie this site doesnt allow me to post my blog link here.. You wil find my blog link in my profile.. Else just google "nenjukkul peidhidum chords" and you wil find my blog up top.. The name of my blog is My Shoutbox.. You can also search for A.R.Rahman's Vinnaithandi Varuvaya chords in my blog.. Dont forget to comment.. Happy Guitarin'.!
  6. sunny5

    sunny5 New Member

    Once agn thanks for all u fellas for ur responses....
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  8. Fret One

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    Good try Ben...
  9. dany21_93

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    the intro which is A and Asus2 have two fdifferent for A and another for Asus2...and like ben says..u hv to really feel the song and listen to it to a couple of times before u get the hang of it.....

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