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    hi everyone how r u yar i need knowledge about vocals i know its a guitar site but i just wanna know how to start vocals and need knowledge about vocals from very begining (not bathroom singing ) so if anyone knows how to do riaz and from where to start singing like professional singers then share the knowledge this is the way we produce bands and singers like shafqat amanat ali, ali azmat,najam sheraz and many more so waiting for knowledge not funny comments (just waste of time) tc bye

    SCORPIO `~(^$ceRtiFieD MaD$^)~`

    the ideal instrument to use for vocal riaz is a harmonium. if u dont hav 1 then dont worry, a guitar will do the job although not 100%.

    take any scale [ people usually take the C maj. scale ] if u feel it is too high 4 u the u may lower it down to Bb or B maj. or any other scale.

    play the entire scale [ 1 oct. ] repetatively holding on to each note for at least 3 secs. [ later on u may inc. ur speed ] try to sing along according to the note u r playing. for eg. if u play the C maj. scale , then as u play c,d,e,f,g,a,b sing the notes along as u play [ normally indian people sing sa , re , ga , ma, pa, dha, ni ] instead of c,d,e,f,g,a,b.

    later on try out different combinations such as ....
    sa re ga , re ga ma, ga ma pa [ c d e, e f g , f g a ] or
    sa ga , re ma , ga pa [ c e , d f , e g ] ........and so on.......

    best of luck.
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    i beg to differ,as someone who has been learning vocal music for ten years. for starters, the harmonium is definitely NOT the ideal accompaniment for riyaaz. the ideal accompaniment would be a tanpura, either a proper one or better still an electric one. riyaaz involves singing octaves with permutations and combinations. if u know stock phrases of raagas then u can arrange them into practice "paltas" which will improve speed and dexterity.
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    i m having a billion dollers suggestion fr improving ur vocals skills...........
    sing , sing and sing !!! sing everything.... sing every song u hear on deck, tv, radio . just sing with everything.... but with right notes :)
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    that is a good advice if done the rite way. on the other hand, i know people who have done the same and ruined their voices. so carefuil.

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