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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by souravmitra, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. souravmitra

    souravmitra New Member

    Hi all!

    I'm a newcomer in this community. I want to buy Yamaha F-310 as my first acoustic guitar (range 6-8 K).

    So friends, I need a little help from you regarding this. Can anyone please mention the "pros and cons" of this model? An overall rating out of 10 from you will also be very helpful.

    Or is there any other good brand or model within this price range? Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. dwingrider

    dwingrider New Member

    Hi souravmitra,

    I am a newbie too. I own a F-310 for the past month. I dont have any experience with guitars, but so far I have no complaints about it. Its stayed in tune so far- I play it 1-2 hrs almost everyday. It seems like a great beginners guitar in the price range.

    It also has good online reviews (try googling it, I read quite a few reviews online). Since I own the Yamaha for a month now, I would say go for it, you wont regret having it as a first guitar.

    Other options in this price range were Hohner HW-220 for 8k and a Fender FA100 for 7-8k.

    Good luck
  3. souravmitra

    souravmitra New Member

    Thanks man for your reply. Can you tell me at what price you bought it and from where?

    Well, I was thinking about Epiphone DR-100 (price around 5K), what's your opinion about that guitar?
  4. dwingrider

    dwingrider New Member

    I got it for 7500, I got it from a local shop in Bhopal (thats where I am at)

    Dont know much about the Epiphone, maybe try finding some reviews/opinions online...
  5. souravmitra

    souravmitra New Member

    Thanks man!

    @For all :

    I have read many reviews about Yamaha F-310, almost all of them says it's a very good beginner guitar to start with. I know, people already have discussed many things about this in IGT, I have read also those. So, for many people, my inquiry might seem to be annoying. I'm sorry for that. The only reason to ask this is to avoid any kind of confusions about choosing the right guitar for me. I'm sure that this forum is full of many experts on this field, some of them has/had this guitar also. So, please if possible share your (OR your friend's) experience about Yamaha F-310. Anyway, I will buy an acoustic guitar (from KOLKATA) in next week, so any reply before that would be very helpful!
  6. souravmitra

    souravmitra New Member

    Any suggestion guys??
  7. saurabh.kishore

    saurabh.kishore New Member

    I would say.. within the price range it is the best sounding Guitar for a Beginner.. Although it does not have a Pickup, however most guitars with a pickup in this range don't sound too good... It's beter if you get a pickup installed in case you wish to use this with an amp at home or stage.. however a properly mic'd Acoustic sounds way better.
  8. the1337est

    the1337est New Member

    F-310 is an amazing guitar. I became a fan the moment I played a note on it. Sound is perfect, it had an old set of stock strings though. I wonder how amazing would be the sound if you get Ernie Ball Earthwood or D'Addario strings. Get the Yamaha F-310 without a second thought.
    Overall rating: 9.5/10
  9. souravmitra

    souravmitra New Member

    @saurabh.kishore and the1337est :
    Thanks guys for your useful suggestions. I'll definitely go for Yamaha F-310...
  10. the1337est

    the1337est New Member

    Glad to have helped. Good luck!
  11. souravmitra

    souravmitra New Member

    I have bought it (Tobacco Sunburst color) with D'Addario strings. It's AWESOME!!! Thanks guys for your help!

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