need help with woh lamhey unplugged version

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  1. arachnid

    arachnid SCORPIONS

    hey guyz

    i am after all jus a beginner who can play more than he shud be able to. but i was having trouble figuring out the strumming pattern for
    woh lamhey unplugged by jal.
  2. arachnid

    arachnid SCORPIONS

    i have been playing for a few hours and i hav done it. but now my next task is aadat. and yet again i am empty as far as the strumming pattern is concerned. some help would be appreciated.
  3. skalahas

    skalahas New Member

    I use D/UUD/UUD and it works out ok....
  4. shergeel

    shergeel New Member

    the chords are G#m, F# and E


    it's a real easy song to play
    keep in mind goher (the guitarist) plays muted in between

    and aadat's C#m, B, A and then B again
    the intro is on C#M
    what he does in the initial strumming is he lift's his middle finger off the B string and then puts it back on
    and the seconds time, he plays an open C#m

    really easy to play jal's song
    and yeah the tabs are originals

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