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  1. janidon2000

    janidon2000 New Member

    hey folks,

    i'm composing new song for college farewell and i need an guitar solo in between the song. please tell me if you have any random solo in mind.
  2. I don't think any solo will help.... And whatever people might suggest here may be utterly useless unless you show people your song.
    For example > If you have a song like "my name is sheela" and play a solo from "kabhie khushi kabhi gham"!!!
    So, play your song, upload it on youtube or sound cloud and maybe people can suggest solos or compose them for you after they get to know the rythm, scale and tempo of your song.
    Or, if you want to keep your song private, I suggest play it to another guitarist and take help for the solo.
  3. janidon2000

    janidon2000 New Member

    thanks for help !! i am concern with your suggestion..
  4. franco

    franco New Member

    Hey i can help you with a solo..
    give me your song's mp3 and details like what genre , length of solo, difficulty etc :)

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