Need help wid ma accoustic guitar

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by kevin_maag, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. kevin_maag

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    I am an absolute newbie to this forum and also to guitars. I haven't learnt guitar from any one through regular classes however i can manage to play some stuff. Here is the worst part, since i dont have anyone to consult wid i am left wid no other source to clarify a doubt.

    I have a standard acoustic guitar wid one pick up now. However i am really inquisitive to know if it could be okie for me to add two more pick ups to it???(Dont even know if its sensible enough to add 2 more to the existin. excuse me if it sounds stupid) wot difference would that make?

    Could someone please help me out wid this?

  2. kevin_maag

    kevin_maag New Member

    Forgot to add

    Well.. if i can go ahead wid it.. could ya let me know wot pickups i could use for it?
  3. rahulp

    rahulp **Fallen Angel**

    What on earth do you want to achieve with 3 pickups on an acoustic guitar??? Or is it for some weird science project???

    Should refrain from such absurdities unless u wanna burn away money and while away time. It is possible, but it would be far less easier said than done.
  4. kevin_maag

    kevin_maag New Member

    Like i said.. all that ya guys talk here is rocket science to me. Well then.. even if i had to have a couple of pick ups for ma guitar, which one would ya suggest considering the fact that it ain't no Weird science experiment?
  5. sam#3

    sam#3 The Lucifer

    C man, adding a lot of pikups wont do ny gud... If the pikup u've alrdy got is poor in quality, lyk u dont get proper bass or sound is nt very clean, den just change it... Add a better one... I'll gv u d details abt the pikups u can use on acoustics in a day or two... N if u want to use some effects wid dis guitar by using a processor , its kinda funny... Thou i've seen a freind of myn trying these crazy things( he tried playing sum distortion)... Thou it wsnt too bad, I dont kno hw much it can work... But fr these kinda things u needa hv stronger pikups n a set myt cost u more den ur guitar itself... All d more if such an experiment doesnt work... Ur money's gone honey...

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