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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by angy, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. angy

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    hi guys,
    its been sometime i am reading lots of post here. i am a begineer and need some help understanding a few things.
    First of all what exactly does this maen ?
    / : slide up
    \ : slide down
    ~ : let it ring
    h: hammer ons (sounds little similar to slide up, but is sharper)

    Does '/' means moving the string while strumming it or something else ?

    I guess i understand bit of tabs but i am total inept in understanding the Chords. I think the biggest problem i am facing is how exactly to strum while doing a chord. For example
    (Em)Tu, tu hai wohi(Am)-------- Dil ne jise(D) --- Apana kahaa(G)

    i goto and find all these chords, but can't get anything close to this song. may be because i literally pick up the fret/string for the chord. do we need to make any changes ? basically how to understand this line of "song"?

    i hope the 'lucky' experts could find time to help me here.
    i'll be thankful for any help/suggestions.

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    ^^At rizaaj, absolutely. This thread should be in Beginners Q&A forum. Thread shall be moved.
    Coming back to the original point, angy, all queries regarding the guitar tablature, i think you'll find them in the above link. Coming to chords, you need to figure out a strumming pattern i.e the Rhythm of the song. By the way, do you know how to switch between the chords smoothly and efficiently? If not(and i'm assuming not), do those first. Learn the majors, minors, sixths and sevenths and then come back to playing the chords of the song. You should be able to switch between chords properly. As to rhythm, listen to the songs really closely to figure out a strumming pattern. For me it's trial and error method. That's about that. Any more queries, please ask.
  4. angy

    angy New Member

    yeah, i can switch b/w chords somewhat
    but the problem is in understanding how the chords go with the song
    anyhow, i' have put my post in the begineers

    thanks guys
  5. fictional_real

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    @angy bro....first figure out the strumming pattern for the song by listening to the song as well as playing guitar to figure out the strumming pattern.....

    ok this ---->(Em)Tu, tu hai wohi(Am)-------- Dil ne jise(D) --- Apana kahaa(G)

    start is Em chord soon as u reach "wohi"...change the chord to Am ...then after "jisne" change it to D ....i.e u have to change the chord ...when u see the chords given in bracket (not necessarily) or just beside or above the "word" in the lyrics it means u have to use dat chord when u reach dat "word" in the lyrics....i.e

    as above example....u see the word "wohi" beside chord Am dat means when while singing u reach at word "wohi"...u have to change ur chord to Am...and like wise.

    i hope u got it...

    as for other guitar techniques hammer, slide up...check out for the sticky notes in this forum section.

    or online guitar learning ---->
  6. guns n roses

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    Those are simple just read the next post i accidentally posted 2wice sorry,
  7. guns n roses

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