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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by arvindzin, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. arvindzin

    arvindzin New Member

    HI dudes.....This is a gr8 forum...i have been playing for the last 3 yrs...gear wise i have a tansen (24 frets with 3 single coils he he ...ya i dinno bout guitars then) and a very sweet fender acoustic and a RG 370dx..... i have a zoom 505II...

    I want to buy separate pedals ...Please help me out with suggestions ...what i need is
    1) Some kick.. a distortion...
    2)good sustain..(some good pre boost)
    3)some thing that gives me a bluesy... jazz kinda tone (trey anastasio(phish) types)

    help me out bros..... i can spend about 300$ on them .....also do we require a copression pedal???

  2. prit_undead

    prit_undead New Member

  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!


    Deleted. Wait for Ronnieanand.
  4. arvindzin

    arvindzin New Member

    Wha?? thats abt 15k dude......
  5. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    ok d00d
    Tell us what kinda sound you want.

    There are infinite number of pedals in teh market.
  6. arvindzin

    arvindzin New Member

    2 setups
    1) HEAVY distortion chuggy types--> like the sound death have in SOP...
    2) BLUESY+Old school rock type i said full of phish,SRV and page type of sound.....
  7. arvindzin

    arvindzin New Member

    sounds contradictory but .... i wanna experiment....:D
  8. satch_attack

    satch_attack New Member

    you can try the bluesdriver by boss ...
    regardin distortion ..well if you want a realy heavy one ..go for the digitech metal master or digitech death metal pedal.... or you could get the good old DS1 distortion pedal by bose.
  9. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    ^Yuck, digitech death metal sucks. Boss MT-2 is the way to go.
  10. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Awright Aravindzin here is my suggestion (though I dont claim to havce a vast knowledge):
    If you like fuzzy trebly sound then go for the Boss MT-2. If you want really metallic sound then Digitech Metal Master is good (though I find Digitech Disotrtion factory better).

    AMT Metallizer is also awesome.

    There are a few of handbuilt/modded pedals that are great (gotta search for their links).

    MT-2 modded by Keeley sounds ooh-la-la (I have just heard the clips on teh website, not the real thing, but from What I hear, Keeley does impressive job.

    Boss BD-2 modded by Keeley wins hands down. (According to my preferences) I heard and played around with it recently. It sounds great.

    Tubescreamer TS-9 also does a good job. But somehow to me it sounds a little fuzzy. TS-7 sounds way too low gainy for my liking.

    Guess keeley does some mod job on Tubescreamer too.

    Check these sites out: (Thanks to Ronnieanand)
  11. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    So you are a Trey Fan. That's great to hear that. Not many people know him. Trey rules. Use a Tube Screamer kinda thing to get that kinda tone. Trey uses two of them.

    Have you heard the song Simple - Phish. I have a similar kind of tone.
  12. arvindzin

    arvindzin New Member

    Thnx doods ill check all that out and get back.....
    seriously man this forum rocks

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