Need Help Regarding my New Guitar and Amp i Bought

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by michael5681, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. michael5681

    michael5681 New Member

    I Hv ESP Kh-203 with floyd rose.
    Bought a line 6 spider III-15 Watt amp.

    GUys i m not affluent with all the settings stuff
    man there is drive chainvol etc. all very confusing.
    i need to know a bit about my amp cause on line6 site it says it saves user settings patches i dont know any of thoses stuff. would really appreciate it.
  2. michael5681

    michael5681 New Member

    Guys Come on relpy man.i really am waiting for yur answers which i know wud really help me.despite having the gear it wud be wrong if i don't utilise it to its fullest extent.i need a bit of info on my amp tricks and review about my guitar.accoring to me the neck is fking gr8 super smooth.feel is very rich.the only thing in this guitar on downside u can call is weight and anyways i think les paul shapes are always bulky i read on net.but the weight too kinda adds to the rich feeling;) the inlays are tooo cooooool.spider till 9th fret and skull and bones from 12th to 24th.plzzz give yur review guys
  3. DagMX

    DagMX New Member

    Okay, first about your amp:
    It doesn't have user saveable patches. These are not available on the Spider III 15 and 30W combo and the 75W head.

    The 4 channels are all you pretty much get, each with different amounts of gain(distortion). It's a decent beginners amp and you can get some nice sounds out of it.

    Your guitar should not be heavy. You hear about les pauls being heavy because they are usually made of dense wood like mahogany. Your guitar is basswood which is among the lightest woods.

    the floyd is decent, and I sugegst you learn how to tune it yourself if you don't know it already.
    I'd change the pickups once you develop a ear for tone.

    Otherwise it's a nice guitar and a decent amp. have fun!

    oh and word of advice, not that the guitars bad, but dont buy guitars based on the name of the endorsee or the way it looks.
  4. michael5681

    michael5681 New Member

    Dude thanks for the reply.i compared the weight wid respect to the kramer of my friend( i think he has a striker model 6 strings though) and also if u got some links or material regarding changing the strings properly on the floyd rose i wud really appretiate it cause i tried to find cudnt locate.And i m nowhere near changing the pickups yet barely even used.And i bought it on my sirs recommendation.His name is pradeep(infernal wrath demonic resurrection).
  5. DagMX

    DagMX New Member

    ^for setting up a floyd. But I'd get your teacher to show you how first. It's quite complicated.

    And if I were a teacher I would never recomend anything with a floating bridge to a beginner. It's too much of a hinderance.
    If I were you, I'd block the floyd rose. It makes tuning much easier and simpler.
    Just put a block of wood in the tremolo cavity in the front of the guitar and as many springs(usually 5) in the back.

    Thats just my recomendation. Floyds are a pain for a beginner and unless you get a decently priced guitar, they are more hassle then they are worth(mainly due to construction materials).
  6. michael5681

    michael5681 New Member

    Dude i love the floyd rose.i use it for crazy train solo and stuff like getting a motorbike sound outta it(its awesome my sir taught me that).i know a bit about changing actually i know how to change just never did only watched got it changed from my sir,unlike acoustics u dont hv to change often.and i always put the tremelo bar on whilst practising.its fun.u know any good tricks wid a whammy sir showed me bombing missile rocket and actually they all sound very realistic,even an elephant scream.but bike's the best
  7. DagMX

    DagMX New Member

    mm, hate to tell you, but on a tremolo, you should actually change strings more often if you use the tremolo.

    And the bar is not the tremolo.

    The reason I wouldn't recomend a tremolo, is because each time you want to change the tuning of your guitar, you'll have to reset the tremolo.

    Also a floating tremolo means you can't do double-stop bends and a cheap tremolo will lead to tuning problems ahead.

    That doesn't really mean a tremolo is bad, but for a bginner, it's more of a novelty that will get in the way of actual learning
  8. DagMX

    DagMX New Member

    oops double post. sorry

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