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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by duranta_de, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. duranta_de

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    Hi guys,

    i usually record my songs unsing the laptop mic. But the sound does not come out clear.

    So as per some suggestions i bought a phillips mic but it has a 6 mm jack which i am not able to insert into laptop. because laptop uses 3.5 mm jack for normal headphone and all. i had a 6mm to 3.5 jack converter but thats broken now. could you please tell me how do you record? r u using the converter or some thing else ?

    while i was searching for the converter in the market, people told me that there is one tool kit named podcast factory (external sound card) worth rs. 16.5 K which can be connected with the laptop. I can connect one mic and one guitar on that sound card. Do you have any idea? is it really worth buying?

    If you have any suggestions on how u guys record your songs in a laptop or PC please let me know.
  2. thepacifist2013

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    The best I've seen are those USB recorders. They have an input for a guuitar (or more than 1 guitars, depending on how expensive they are), and they go to your USB port on your PC.
    It comes with ASIO drivers for reducing ultra-low latency.
    If you can get it from US, I;ve heard rave reviews about this
    and it's not that expensive too.

    I record through my RP500 direct to PC through USB, and am extremely satisfied. It's an amazing processor for its price. The tone recorded through the RP500 would beat the crap about of any professional recording. Alas, if only I could play a little professional :(
  3. duranta_de

    duranta_de New Member

    hey thanks for the reply...could u pelase tell me how much rp500 did cost for you? and as i have seen in the link u have provided ...i could not see that any mic can be connected with that. could u plz explain?
  4. zombie20

    zombie20 New Member

    Hi, If it Helps


    I was in the same state earlier. You better browse to Line 6 and look for Toneport. There you will get all the gyan. These USB based recording devices cost you less than 10 K and can buy off

    Check out some of the recordings from my band

    PS: I hope you have an electric guitar.

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