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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by shetu_ecdw, Sep 23, 2008.

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    I have a ESP AX-50 electric guitar. When i bought my guitar 7-8 months back i really didnot care about its action. recently i realized that it has a very high action. Now i want to give it a low action. I have tried lowering the bridge, adjusting strusss rod but there is always unavoidable fret buzz as i go lower.I am living in ahmedabad and there are no professional guitar repair shop here. Out of frustration i am planning to go to furatados mumbai and get the job done. Please let me know is what i plan on doing will help me.....does furtados have world class guitar techs..???..or shuuld i go to some other place...?
    (by action i mean distance between strings and frets)
  2. angel_of_sin

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    not world certainly bttr dan da monkeys who call demselves luthiers in delhi..........
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    Plz let me know some lutheir's address in Delhi.

    To the original poster -
    a) Are you sure your truss rod is straight, and not overly tight. That might be the cause of fret buzz
    b) Where is the fret buzz. If your guitar buzzes on open strings, its more likely a case of the nut being filed too low, or the strings having eaten into the nut. That will also affect tuning stability and if your guitar goes out of tune frequently, you have a bad nut. I'm not sure whether they install bone-nuts here but those are supposed to be the best.
    c) If the buzzing is on the high strings, its most likely a case of uneven frets. In that case, first the truss rod has to be adjusted to be ramrod straight. After that, the frets are levelled using a 6-inch file so that all frets are a uniform height. Once that is achieved, the frets are re-crowned using special concave files to establish "point contact" between the fret and strings. Then the frets can be polished down using 0000 grit steel wool and probably a metal polisher.

    When doing this, certain things have to be taken care of.
    a) Mask the fretboard using some tape. Use a tape which dpoes not leave any residue - probably surgical tape should be good.
    b) Tape the pickups during steel wooling, otherwise particles from steel wool may stick to the pickups.

    Obviously, this doesn't mean that you can or you should do it. This is just so that you know what the luthier should be doing to correct fret buzz.

    I badly need a good luthier in Delhi who can do this stuff for me.
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    ^^ go to any guitar shop in daryaganj almost every shop has a 'technical expert' who is a so called luthier.......

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