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    hey guys. i m learning to play the guitar n i think that IGT is a grt place for this. but i have a problem n that is my strumming. i just dont know how to strum. i am quite good at picking n can play some songs as well. i know all the basic 24 chords. i also know the slash chords, sus chords, 7th and 9th chords, and also some barre shapes. but i simply cant strum. i find it difficult to switch chords quickly n cleanly. i also find it difficult to keep up with the strumming patterns of songs.
    plz guys help me out. how do i strum? do i need to know more chords? if yes then how many because we all know that there are so so many chords out there. if possible plz give me some guitar exercises for strumming and quick chord switching. also plz clarify on strumming patterns, eg i saw a song recently on IGT that had the pattern d-du-du. after that the chords were shown say eg
    now is this pattern to be applied to all chords individually or together?

    plz help.........


    plz post in the right forums milesfastguy.
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    well generally yea the pattern follows for all the chords because the rythm is still same for the song. So u'll 1st play that d-du-du pattern for A then switch to Bb and play same pattern for the other chords. However, it also depends from song to song as well. Strumming will come with time. its way harder with the pattern in mind i think. It has 2 have a feel to it.thats what most often wrks for me. But again even i am pretty new 2 guitar as well and learniing through this site so hopefully, sum other great pros could help u out way more.llol.sorry.
    So, hopefully it kinda helps and if it doesnt dun lose hope n keep practising and it'll come with time (y)
  3. anshphenomenon

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    is a progression of chords meaning u have to play the chord A first then shifting it to Bb then to C and then G...

    u have similar patterns for practising like
    C........... Am............. F.......... G

    get an easy flow for strumming...with a free hand movement.
    keep practising and u shall perfect it with time.
  4. saurabhrocks

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    c,mon man don't go too fast, just stick to a chord,and practice rythm on it and then slowly start by taking two, chords

    and don't make a chord finger by finger, learn to make a chord as a group.
    try putting all fingers together,at once and not each one indivisually

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