Need help on how to play rhythm chords

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  1. vivek4employ

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    Hi All,

    I have just started playing guitar. I found myself comfortable in playing Leads. I have learnt Leads of quite a few songs(by reading Tabs). But I find playing chords a bit difficult. I know which chord to play and but i don't know what pattern to play. ex:- what to play Down Up Down Up or Down Down up etc. I guess for each song the pattern is different but i don't find pattern anywhere on this forum but just a mention of chords(like C, F, A etc).

    How do i identify which pattern to play for a song. Please help me out. I know I may be asking something very silly but I hope I can help from some of you.

  2. COOLDUDE0986

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    i was easy 2 play rythme in guitar

    js consetrait and start stiking on all strings in dis position down[d] up

    ddudud dis is called swing rythme
  3. majorfunky

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    there are various ways to learn rhythm...listen to the drum beats of a song...or try to play rhythm on table for a song...and use the same beats on guitar ..i find this really easy

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