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    hi guys...this is mohit 4m an absolute beginner 2 in a dilemma ...cud u pls help me out?
    ...i jus got giveson's venus acoustic frns had told me that its the best 4 the beginners..but here on the forums everybody is sayin that giveson sucks. :shock: ..i don know,....... i think it looks nd sounds pretty good....i need some serious help now... which acoustic guitar wud u suggest if i want 2 buy another one?i saw hobner nd gb&a....nd hws gibson?is it availaible in india?nd cud u pls suggest a decent teacher in chd who wont teach that regular classical music stuff...
    pls help me out
  2. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    i would suggest stick to ur givson and spend money later on buying an acoustic. y change it if u arnt facing any problems with it??
    and about gibson...hmm..800$ if u are willing to spend that much on an acoustic then I lend me some stuck with a givson electric.

    btw, i recommend cheking out rabis article on guitar buying tips in the beginners section.

    ...oh yeah, welcome to IGT :beer:
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    hi dennis...thank you so much....well ya i don think its too bad to start off with giveson...once i get to some level..ill lay my hands on hobner or something....nd dennis can u pls name a few good guitar brands in india..?....800$ is a lot of money....which brand offers the best value for money?ive heard only bout gb&a,hobner & gibson....
    thank you soo much
    mj :rockon:
  4. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    tansen's probably the only good guitar brand(electric) in India.. hobner makes some ok acoustics.
    yeah..start off with givson..learn the instrument first. Then when u are sure u aint gonna give up the guitar make a larger investment.
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    hi dennis thx,nw i guess my prob is solved...cheers :rock:

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