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    I am a newbie at guitar playing. I recently borrowed a guitar (Givsons) from one of my friends and was learning how to play using a software called "guitar method". This guitar which my friend was using had not been played for a long time and so needed a little tuning. So, I was tuning the guitar with the help of my computer using a software called 4pockets guitar tuner, when I accidentally broke the first string, the "E" string. So, can anyone tell me what I need to do replace the string? Do I need to replace all the strings or just the broken one? Also I saw some guitar strings available on I was very confused as to what kind of strings to buy for this acoustic guitar as there are many strings with lots of different specs, eg: Granada, Acoustic Guitar String Set, .010, LGS 10/47. I don't know what .010 and LGS stand for. So could someone please guide me as to how I need to go about buying a new set of strings? I am planning to visit the furtado's store in mumbai.

    Also what is the cheapest tuner available in the market? What's it's cost and are they really effective or is it better to use the tuner on my comp?
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    You can choose to change one string or all of them. If the guitar is old, change all the strings, you'll get better sound. Buy any good quality acoustic guitar strings (D'Addario will do). Forget about gauge at your level. Just get a standard string set, a typical "medium" set is 11-52.

    You can buy a tuner, or use one on your PC. This is pretty good and easy to use:

    Download the tuner, remove the existing strings, wind the new strings into the guitar (pay attention while taking off the old ones and you'll understand how to put on the new ones). Tune using a microphone and the tuner software. Be careful not to overtune. Start from a low tension on the string - when the string is pretty loose - and tune upwards, not the other way round. The E string is easy to break. Be careful. Might want to buy a spare E string if you're such a noob.
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    In fact while learning in the beginning its better to have thicker gauge string.

    1. It stays in tune for long.
    2. Tone is better.
    3. You develop finger strength.

    Adding to what Guitardoc has said - I would rather you replace all 6 strings (if you can afford it).
    And while tuning the guitar - I prefer tuning the "thicker" strings first, an then going up to the "thinner" ones.

    Its based on the observation that lower strings lose tuning more slowly than higher ones.
    And when you tune strings - its not that once you are done with say "A" string, its tuned.
    No, once you do "A" string, and then you tune the "G" string. You will observe that "A" string is now tuned slightly off (low).
    So this tuning is an iterative step - you tune all strings, and then check again check and tune strings.
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    Hey guitardoc thanks for the info. Just want to know what you meant by "11-52" and when I buy a set does it come with just 6 strings? As D'Addario strings are a little expensive will Granada do in that case? Coz I can buy more strings of granada with the same amt of money.
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    You won't observe much difference between Granada or Daddarios at this stage.

    11-52 is the gauge of strings.
    Normally you refer to the high E string as 9, 10 or 11 or 12 gauge. The lower the number the thinner the string.
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    hey alpha1 thanks. So when I go to a store and wish to buy a string set what do I need to tell them exactly? Also I saw online some specs for strings like Granada, Acoustic Guitar String Set, .010, LGS 10/47. Can u please explain what this means?
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    Ya.. Granada sounds good...You can go for it.. guitarj..
  8. alpha1

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  9. guitarj

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    Hey thanks guys for all the help. I first went to HARIBHAU VISHWANATH in dadar but they could only offer me a jmm string set for Rs. 110. they didn't have granada. They said granada strings are short in length and advised me to buy jmm ones instead but since I had not seen this brand mentioned a lot in this forum I decided not to buy them. So I went to furtados at marine lines and bought a granada set for Rs 95. I also wanted to know how u can remove the bridge pins without a string winder? I checked at furtados but they didn't have a winder available at the moment and also it cost 300 bucks which is a bit expensive. So is it possible to use any other tool at home to remove those bridge pins?
  10. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    but to be honest! i have seen people using Granada, Karuna, Java and other strings! but for Givson guitar any string will be fine. you dont have to worry about the tone as the fretboard and tone are GIVSON trade mark! they never change! and also a new givson guitar comes with karuna strings (finger killer) :p and D'Addario strings are not little expensive! they are expensive! now you know the difference after using few brands! so you pick which you like the most! ;-)

    to remove the bridge pins i use my fingers! dont care how much strength i gonna give! but m scared i may hurt my guitar if i use a tool!
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    Hey thanks. But I feel I made a mistake buying the whole set as the other strings are working fine, just had changed the "E" string after watching some vids on youtube on stringing a guitar. And for removing the pins I used a stainless steel spoon!
  12. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    no worries!! play play play! soon u will have to change other strings tooo ;-)

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