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    Hi All,

    I am Gopi , new to this site but am a intermediate player have been practicing guitar for over 1.5 years . I have an electric guitar and knows all techniques n can play fast solos as well .

    All i want to know is how to find out tabs for a song . I learned western music only ( so don't know about raaga's etc ) . I learned pentatonic and major scale patterns across the fretboard but I need help in finding tabs for a song . I'm practicing the hearing exercises of interval training .

    So finally any help/tips for me is greatly helpful. See my guitar video at

    Gopi Krishna
  2. gopikrish2000

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    Hi Abhishekmalyala ,

    You seem to be active in this telugu tabs forum. I have seen you giving tabs for many songs . Any inputs for me will be greatly helpful.
  3. Thanks Gopi,
    I am flattered.
    In tabbing film songs, you need not have to know ragas. But, it helps you a lot in figuring out the tabs more easily...
    These days many music directors don't use raga based songs... We have a few who "borrow" tunes from as far as Korea..
    But when I practice a raga... I notice that I can relate to the mood, note changes and modulations faster.
    I am still a beginner when it comes to playing.. But watch out the forum... I'll look up a raga easy to play and lets try songs associated with it.
    I'll mostly look up ilayaraja Sir songs as they are almost always raga based and very melodious.
    Thanks again,
  4. gopikrish2000

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    Thanks Abhishekmalyala,

    As I learned only western music (Scales etc) only, not ragas . So if a song is there i will guess for a scale then Scale has lot of notes across the fretboard . Which position should i start ( initial frets 0 to 4 or higher frets ) ? . Also if i guess one note then next note from song u do trail n error in same scale or by listening or any other techniques . This is the hardest part for me . Any tips on that .

    Do you fix some thing like if u listen to a song then u fix some frets then regardless of how song is i'll play/do trail n error in these frets only like that ?

  5. Don't worry about a scale. First sing along the first few notes and try to recognize which note corresponds to the first note in the song.
    After that, it is all guess work... But with good enough practice you should be able to play the first few lines without any error in your trial.
    Then comes the most difficult part for me... Writing down the notes.
    Then try to look for a pattern and get the scale. That'll be easier for you as you've learned western music.
    I try to look at the notes, the ascending and descending patterns then Google databases to see which ragas may it contain.
  6. Have you seen this?
    I'll update a song over the weekend.

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