Need help in online buying site(effects pedal)

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    HI guys,

    I am from Chennai , i am new here. I am glad that i found the best forum with whom i can discuss the possibility of buying product that are not available in India.

    I planning to buy one "Tech 21 Character Series Blonde V2 Amp Emulator Pedal" and one " Behringer V-amp 2 (virtual amplifier 2 ) cos i wanted to play live without Amp and i love the sound of its demo and many of them suggesting this, both of them are costly in when compare to the original price in amazon ,in original site(TECH 21 - CHARACTER SERIES) and in

    BTW , please also suggest some good Amp sim so that it will easy for me to choose the best one.

    One of my friends relative is coming from U.S, so i am planning to ask him to buy for me these products and i wanted to buy only used one cos it will be cheap . so please suggest me whether buying used one will be good or not ? what are the worth sites which will check the condition of used one and then sell only best working product to customers ? i have and in my mind , tell me whether these 2 sites are worth for buying used product. thank you and sorry for my worst English.

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