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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by beatles_rule, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. beatles_rule

    beatles_rule New Member

    Ok my results are coming soon and am thinking of fitting pickups on to my acoustic f cut guitar the reason being i will then go and get a nice amp and get an electric guitar an year from now.

    i want to know which guitar pickup i should buy??? and from where??? i live in mumbai so its bhargavas or furtados, any place u may know will do as well... i lyk blues and rock and roll.

    also lyk hard rock but the tone i am looking is a slightly fuzzy u know, lyk in black dog by led zep

    CSALVATKAR New Member

    use the hero pickups ........
    n d shop u r looking for is
    bs frutado and sons..........
    Jer Mahal, Dhoi Talao
    Mumbai-400 002
    Phone: 2201 3105
    Instructions: It is at CST just opposite Metro cinema. They have two stores, one in accoustic and one for electric.
  3. unet

    unet New Member

    Don't bother with pickups on your acoustic, just buy a nice electric first.

    How much can you spend?

    If blues/rock n roll/hard rock is what you need, the Vox AD15VT is THE amp for you.
  4. beatles_rule

    beatles_rule New Member

    the reason i dont want to buy an electric is coz i can then go and spend on a good amp arnd 6k and then get an electric arnd 20k in 10 months......

    and i want the tone of semi acoustics, 2 of my fave guitarists use them :-Chuck Berry and B.B King...

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